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How To Hire A PI In Japan

What Services PIs Can Offer The general public knows very little about the private investigation (PI) industry. Ordinary people typically believe that private detectives mainly handle cheating spouse investigations. However, the range of services covered by the PI industry is almost equal to the service range covered by lawyers. Investigation services cover everything from individual problems to corporate problems and international trade frictions. What Services You Need First, you need to figure out what problem you have that requires hiring a detective. As mentioned above, the PI industry covers a variety of services. Each company specializes in different types of services: surveillance, interviews, due diligence, services for individuals, business, law firms, etc. How PI Industry Works Normally, the PI industry …

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Japan Temple

Digital Forensics Investigations

The principal policy of Japan PI is result-oriented services. We will adopt any investigation methods that are effective, depending on the specific situation the client needs to solve. In this digital era, there are numerous cases where digital investigations are much more efficient than conventional physical examinations, such as surveillance and interviews. We explain some of the situations where digital forensics play a significant role in fact-finding procedures. The digital forensics team specializes in the preservation and recovery of data from PCs and mobile devices, which will include text messages, call logs, GPS location logs, emails, photos, and social media posts, etc. The forensics team also specializes in unlocking the passwords of online accounts, such as Facebook, Gmail, iCloud, Whatsapp, …

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Digital Forensics

Apply Hague Convention of Child Abduction

International Child Abduction, Child Custody, and Visitations Since this problem had developed into the diplomatic issue in Japan, the central authority of Japan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) actively support you to solve this problem. Therefore, rather than requesting a private investigation, you should first hire a Hague lawyer and file a petition for Hague Convention. We will explain the flow of specific procedures. Terminology:LBP = Left Behind ParentTP = Taking ParentHague Convention: Hague Convention of Child Abduction Case AA Japanese wife abducted children from a local country to Japan without consent. In international child abduction cases, an LBP can apply the petition of return of children to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs based on the Hague Convention.The Hague Convention (Convention …

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Child Abduction

Visit Japan PI (Media Coverage)

Japan PI drew media attention. Here is the interview we had. What kind of business does Japan PI provide? Japan PI is a bilingual detective company that integrates translation and investigation. We mainly handle private investigation services in Japan for foreign corporations and individuals located both outside of Japan and inside Japan. Since we serve exclusively international clients, we provide unique services that no other Japanese investigators do as well as the standard investigative services often found at other PI agencies in Japan. In particular, what kind of business does Japan PI do? We deal with business, legal, and personal projects, respectively. Business Investigations Due diligence We have numerous orders for FCPA due diligence cases from US companies. FCPA is …

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Coverage from Norway Movie Crews

Guest Speech At The PI Seminar – The Way PIs Fight

  Our lead investigator, Goro Koyama, was invited as a guest speaker in the PI seminar held on August 7, 2017, at Senshu University, Tokyo, Japan. He was invited as a guest speaker in the symposium session of Mr. Tomonori Takahashi, the attorney at REI LAW OFFICE who spoke about how to find a sign of stalker clients. As he had an experience where he declined the request from the Zushi Stalker Murderer(Request From Stalker Murderer), he discussed with Mr. Takahashi and talked about how the client asked us, why we turned down the order and what happened next. This PI seminar was planned and sponsored by 「SAVE ME」(SOS to all Japan PIs) that recently launched a rescue site for stalker …

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Pro Bono Criminal Investigation for Innocence Project

Rescue an Inmate Who Has Been Imprisoned Due to a False Accusation In collaboration with a private investigator in California, we took on a pro bono case to conduct an investigation and locate a witness for a prison inmate who is serving 19 years for an aggravated rape charge which he claims did not happen. The accuser was a Japanese woman who was an international student in California back in 1998. We know that she has gone back to Japan, but her whereabouts in Japan are unknown. Our mission is to acquire new testimony that will support the innocence of the inmate. Specifically, the primary goal is to locate the accuser herself and obtain a statement of opposition from her. …

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False Conviction

Locate an Heir

Last year, pop icon Prince passed away, leaving his 300-million-dollar estate and no will and testament. With both parents dead, no spouse and no known surviving children, an uproarious legal battle ensued with a large pool of hopefuls claiming to be the rightful recipient of the singer’s fortune. According to USA TODAY, due to the absence of a will, “Prince’s estate could [have] end[ed] up with the IRS (40% of estates over $5.4 million) and the state of Minnesota (16% of estates over $1.6 million).” In Japan, due to a lack of public records, locating an heir can be even more difficult. However, Japan PI specializes in heir and beneficiary location and probate searches with over 15 years of experience. …

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GPS map

Cheating Spouse – A Female Perspective

According to the Huffington Post, a whopping 36% of men have admitted to adultery while on a business trip. In cases like military deployment (in Japan alone, there are 23 United States military bases) it is actually more likely for husbands to have affairs while overseas than for their wives at home to be unfaithful. What makes cheating in Japan so tempting to Western men? Westerners are often romanticized and idolized in Japan, transforming even the homeliest of gentlemen into quite the catch. Many Japanese women also see western men as their ticket out of an oppressive society or loveless marriage. This combination cannot only be flattering, but dangerous for the average business or military man. Japan is a country …

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Cheating Spouse – Male Perspective

The online-dating service that offers adultery at the click of a button, Ashley Madison, launched their internationally famous website in Japan, four years ago. According to Japan Trends, “The website already boasts over 19 million registered users…with a record of 70,000 members added in just the first four days after the launch.” While it may be a widely accepted notion that men are the primary cheaters, especially when on business trips overseas, the site specifically targets unhappy wives. In a report from the Japan Times, in over the first 120,000 people that joined the site, “women outnumber[ed] men by 2 to 1.” It is commonly accepted that a Japanese marriage is deeply rooted in tradition and ultimately changes the dynamic …

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Cheating wife

Japan-bound Cheating Travelers

Coveing all over Japan Japan PA help you to catch a cheating spouse in Japan. We are specialized in surveillance to catch cheating husband or wife traveling to Japan with their mistress. Our investigators are ready to trip to any tourist’s favorite districts in Japan including Hokkaido, Okinawa, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Kyoto as well as our office bases of Tokyo and Osaka. We are the leading surveillance PI specialists to gather crucial evidence of infidelity for Japan-bound cheating sightseers. Most reliable contact in Japan While cheaters are traveling in a foreign country, they tend to be less careful. Therefore it is the best opportunity to obtain crucial evidence of adultery while they are traveling in Japan. Japan is getting more and …

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Cheating Spouse

Due diligence on Pachinko Industry

When our customer tries to have a business with Japanese who runs a Pachinko parlor often wonder if they are a member of a criminal organization or Yakuza. However, situations regarding Pachinko business is more complicated than those outside Japan imagine. In short, Pachinko gambling business is not illegal in Japan. Therefore, it is not a type of business crime syndicates would operate. And statistics tell us that about 80% of those managing Pachinko parlors are Korean-Japanese. Korean Japanese retain special privileges since WW2. They can have official double names (Japanese and Korean names), which could be abused to evade tax or derogatory records. Bellow is the example of Japanese Korean who still retains Korean passport. The same person can …

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First Meeting In 60 Years Between Lost Siblings

Joyful Meet Up The Okinawa Times covered our long lost family service.   Emotional first meeting of siblings living apart in Okinawa and the United States — after 60 years February 8th, 2016 11:31 Okinawa Times Etsuko Kaneshiro (61), who owns an eatery in Goya, Okinawa, met with her step-brother, Mark Danley (62), who lives in Oregon state in the United States, for the first time and is trying to develop a relationship. Mark found out about his sister in Okinawa in the will of his father, Donald Danley, who passed away last April. Mark found Etsuko’s whereabouts and arrived in Okinawa at the end of January. Etsuko knew about the existence of a brother, but “did not expect to ever …

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Okinawa Times

Strict privacy laws and missing persons case

It is not easy to search for people in Japan due to; Restrictive privacy laws Flaws of government’s documenting system of citizens There are no comprehensive proprietary databases for people search or background checks in Japan, which will be the standard in common law based countries because there are no public records in Japan except for corporate registry and real estate registry records. Even multi-national data broker giants have never been able to launch Japanese versions of their databases for background checks. Personal information is, in a sense, deemed as important as confidential information on national defense in Japan. [/et_pb_blurb][et_pb_blurb title=”Citizen background_size=”initial” image_max_width=”100%”] Another reason why location investigation is difficult is that there is no searchable ID number system in …

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Combination of Investigation

Private Investigation and Consulting for Information Gathering Sometimes private investigators are not perfect in terms of information gathering In Japan due to strict privacy laws and negative perception of PI industry. Therefore, in order to fulfill all the investigation needs, we need to collaborate with attorneys or similar legal professions. You may ask “Why you can’t bet the necessary information even though you’re PI yourself?” It is a good question. But due to above mentioned reasons, we are restricted from sensitive information but we are well versed with the methods to obtain necessary information to solve your problem. In other words, one of our mission is to give an appropriate advice to our client and bridge our client to legal …

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Combination of Investigation

Child Abduction by Japanese Mothers

At Japan PI, we understand a father’s parental rights should be equally recognized. However, certain Japanese legal procedures can make paternal rights an uphill battle. In this post, we will discuss Japan’s preferential treatment to mothers in custody battles and how we can assist you in obtaining equal ground. Preferential Treatment In many cases, Japanese legal procedures operate under two notions: children need their mother and the continuity of life; the idea that people of an older generation will continue to maintain their same traditions and belief systems. It is not uncommon for a Japanese mother to hire an attorney that assists her in fabricating a domestic violence complaint, creating more difficulty for the father. Legal Procedures There are step-by-step …

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Child Custody Cases put stress on Children

Limitations of DUe Diligence in Japan

Directorship search in Japan Company registry records from the ministry of justice are publicly available records, but it is not searchable from the name of subject. Therefore, no directorship search is available. On above grounds, we have no choice but to use multiple proprietary databases: TSR (Tokyo Shoko Research) TDR (Teikoku Data Bank) Registry Records Library (closed community) Big Data Center (closed community) Online media search Paper article search National Gazette etc. This way, provably we will cover 75% of directorship listed on the official company registry records. Share holder’s Information Believe it or not, the company registry records do not register share holders. So unless it is a public listed company, there is no way to verify the shareholder’s …

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Due diligence

Uber Lands in Hot Water after Hiring Investigation Firm to Dig Up Dirt on Plaintiff in Lawsuit

Uber’s Investigation Methods Led to a Perversion of Justice The widely popular transportation network company, Uber, was caught in a legal scandal regarding misrepresentation under false pretenses in the Meyer v. Kalanick court case this year. According to official court documents, Uber attempted to solicit damaging information from the plaintiff, Spencer Meyer, `and his lawyer. The plaintiff claims, according to Bloomberg Technology, “Uber’s pricing algorithm violates antitrust laws used to protect consumers from price manipulation.” Uber hired Ergo, a CIA-affiliated company to conduct a secretive operation through misrepresentation as “reporters profiling up-and-coming labor lawyers” and contacted close associates of the plaintiff’s counsel. Continuous investigation under false pretenses ensued, leading to the counsel contacting Uber’s lawyer, questioning whether or not the …

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Hunt for Shinjuku cop killer

In the evening of February 23, 2014, Goro KOYAMA, our lead investigator happened to encounter a reckless driving car, apparently running away from from patrol cars, with making their way by hitting other cars at Shinjuku, Tokyo. The fugitives, man and woman, later turned out to be a cop killing drug addicts who had run over two cops, threw away their dented car in the corner of a narrow street, Though the man was shot on his ass, they were on the run in taxi. Goro KOYAMA followed them all through for about 15 minutes and reported to #110 (#911 in US) and it finally resulted in the lightening apprehension of cop killing fugitives. TV News 2014年2月25日 >職務質問の警官はねた車に警官発砲 運転手と警官2人けが 新宿 2014/02/24 FNNニュース 東京・新宿区で23日、職務質問を受けた車が、警察官をはねるなどして逃走したため、警察官が、運転していた男に発砲した。撃たれた男警察官のあわせて3人がけがをした。 近所の住民は「(車が)4台止まっていて、ガチャンガチャンと(ぶつけながら)車が飛び出していった」と話した。 …

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Police mascot was given as a prize for the arrest of cop killing fugitives.

Spy Apps For Online Surveillance

It is not possible to conduct online surveillance without setting up a spy app on the smartphone of the subject and it can never been around various legal issues. So it is not a criteria PIs can get involved with, even though we get many inquiries about this matter. Also, many of those people who are obsessed with inside the cell phone tend to be a bit paranoid and are strongly concerned about hidden online intrigues, rather than logically suspect the subject based on substantial occurrings. However, those spy apps are easily available in US. So we will introduce tow of the standards of spy apps for smart phones. Flexispy mspy Spy apps can snoop around the location, calling history, …

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人探しで涙の初対面 当社の調査成果が沖縄タイムズで取り上げられました! 沖縄と米国で暮らすきょうだいが涙の初対面 60年の時を経て 2016年2月8日 11:31 沖縄タイムズ沖縄市胡屋で飲食店を営む金城悦子さん(61)が、米国オレゴン州に住む異母兄のマーク・ダンリーさん(62)と初めて対面し、互いの絆を深めている。昨年4月に亡くなった父親のドナルド・ダンリーさんの遺言書で沖縄に妹がいることを初めて知ったマークさんが、悦子さんの所在を突き止めて1月末に来沖した。悦子さんは兄の存在を知っていたが「まさか会えるとは思わなかった」と60年を経ての対面を喜んでいる。  父ダンリーさんは1953年3月から1年間、陸軍兵として沖縄に駐留した後、米国に戻った。悦子さんは母親から住所を教えてもらい84年に父親を沖縄に招待。その際、異母きょうだいの兄のデービッドさん(63)とマークさん、妹のデアさん(54)がいることを教えてもらったという。  その後、音信は途絶えていたが、昨年肺がんのため84歳で亡くなったダンリーさんの遺言書に悦子さんの名が記されていたことから、マークさんは悦子さんの存在を初めて知った。東京の調査会社に依頼して突き止め、昨年6月インターネット電話スカイプを使って初めて会話した。  マークさんは「人生で一番の思い出。お互いに泣いた」と振り返る。妻のケイさん(62)と1月末に来沖したマークさんは悦子さんに、米国にいる他のきょうだいや家族を写したアルバムをプレゼント。また悦子さんの長女里奈さん(38)には、長兄デービッドさんが幼少時に着ていたまつりの法被を贈った。悦子さんは沖縄駐留時代の父親の写真を見せ、会話を弾ませた。  マークさんは今月9日まで滞在する予定。3日、悦子さんの営む飲食店でマークさんの歓迎会が開かれ、常連客から花束を手渡されたマークさんは「会いたくないと言われるかもと心配もあった。本当に感動している」と感極まった様子。悦子さんはマークさんと仲良く腕を組み、「小さいころ、兄がいたらいいな、腕を組んでみたいと思っていたが、その夢が実現した。きょうだいと認めてくれてうれしい」と喜んだ。 対象者の長女の里奈さんからのメール “遅くにすみません。小山さんのお陰で、会うことが出来ました。本当にありがとうございました。Markさんは小山さんに物凄く敬意をはらっています\( •̀ω•́ )/ありがとうございます☆” “小山様の、忍耐と熱意。その一生懸命さのおかけで今回、こう言った素晴らしい異母兄妹の絆と他のファミリーの絆をもっと、もっと大きな宝にして下さいました。リサーチ会社は本当にご苦労も多い事だと思います。大変な事も、私達の想像以上だと思います。でも、こうした消えかけた縁が再び繋がり合う縁もあるという事、そして、その架け橋となる、小山様の様な人柄とお仕事を、どうか、これからも自信を持って頑張って下さい(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡お父さんへの電話まで、たどり着くまでの経緯は本当に大変だったと思います。小山さんからの電話は父が入院中でしたので、この入院がまだまだ、延びていたら、この日が来る事は無かったでしょう。奇跡的とは有りましたが、小山さんの、さがす!っと言う気持ちや行動が奇跡を呼んだのだと私は確信しております♡(´,,•ω•,,`) 依頼者のMarkさんからのメール Mr.Koyama I cannot tell you how pleased I am for your work. I doubt my testimony will give you any additional work, but if you would like a statement from me regarding how you conducted yourself, please let me know and I will do so. I have been texting Etsuko’s family using LINE, and we’re making plans on a conversation directly with Etsuko (using an interpreter) this next weekend. Perhaps we shall meet some day, but if not, I hope you know you have made a fundamental difference in my life and with several other people. In my culture, we have a word, mensch, which …

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Okinawa Times

PI Industry Reputation Damaged in Japan through Criminal Use of Services

How Criminals Tarnished the Reputation of Private Investigation Services in Japan. In the private investigation industry, not everyone is looking for a lost loved one or wishing to conduct a background check. There are instances where criminals attempt to utilize private investigation services for their own gain, which can produce disastrous results. Case 1: 2010 “Yakuza” Japanese Mafia Use PI Services for Police Blackmail (Source Link) The Japanese Mafia, known as the “Yakuza”, targeted a police unit in Aichi Prefecture in charge of the monitoring and apprehension of large crime syndicates. The “Yakuza” was able to acquire personal information such as the addresses and phone numbers of the police officers involved through the use of private investigation services. The “Yazkuza” …

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Data breach

Investment cold callers blacklisted in FSA

We have more and more Japan related investment fraud cases where fraud companies that pretend to have a physical address in Japan defraud investment money from foreign customers. They are categorized as “Cold Callers” and more and more those entities are being black listed on Japanese FSA website. They have a Japanese local phone number and a physical address in Tokyo, Osaka or Yokohama. But often the case, they do not display the floor number of the address. Most of the address are famous landmark towers or buildings in the center of financial district, major bank head quarter buildings or the head quarter of the stock exchange. Some entities display a floor number, but most don’t. It will be because …

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FSA Blacklists

Citizen documentation system in Japan

ID number system kicked in 2016 A comprehensive ID number documentation system (My Number) put in practice in Japan in 2016. But the database of this system is used for official purposes only. Therefore, just for ID verification purpose s, complicated double documentation system is still in use: Residential registration system for municipal government or “Juminhhyo“ Family registration system or “Koseki“ Juminhyo Residential registration is registered at a city hall where you reside. When you move from one place to another, you must register your new address to the city hall you move in within 2 weeks. Every time a resident moves moving record can be traced from previous city hall. But since the registration is only filed only in …

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Reunion of Sibilings

Reunion of lost siblings over 60 years, between US and Japan 人探しで涙の初対面 当社の調査成果が沖縄タイムズで取り上げられました! 当社は、外国顧客への調査サービスを提供する日本では数少ない探偵社です。 ガラパゴスと呼ばれる特殊性の強い日本と諸外国とのカルチャーギャップを埋める調査サービスを提供し、常に国際的な視点に立って活動しています。 そうしたいつもの活動が報われ、日米に分かれて生まれ、お互いの存在を知らぬまま暮らしていたきょうだいを60年の時位を経て初対面させることができました。 この成果が新聞(沖縄タイムズ)に取りあげられ、依頼者と対象者から感謝の言葉をいただきました。 First reunion of siblings Our case on Okinawa local newspaper!!! We commenced surveillance on this case, researching American client’s sister in Japan. As we located the sister’s address, the siblings between Japan and the U.S. were finally able to meet. Okinawa local newspaper took up this case, and the siblings gave us a message expressing appreciation. The article and message were shown below. 沖縄と米国で暮らすきょうだいが涙の初対面 60年の時を経て Siblings between Okinawa and U.S. were Finally able to meet over 60 years 2016年2月8日 11:31 沖縄タイムズ Feb. 8th 2016 Okinawa Times  沖縄市胡屋で飲食店を営む金城悦子さん(61)が、米国オレゴン州に住む異母兄のマーク・ダンリーさん(62)と初めて対面し、互いの絆を深めている。昨年4月に亡くなった父親のドナルド・ダンリーさんの遺言書で沖縄に妹がいることを初めて知ったマークさんが、悦子さんの所在を突き止めて1月末に来沖した。悦子さんは兄の存在を知っていたが「まさか会えるとは思わなかった」と60年を経ての対面を喜んでいる。 Okinawa City Goya Etsuko Kaneshiro engaged in a restaurant in (61), the United States Oregon to his half-brother …

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Reunion of siblings

How much is locating someone in Japan?

How much is locating someone in Japan? It is a frequently asked question, but it is very difficult to answer because it depends on your situation. Basically, Japan is a country of strict privacy laws. There are no public records which are searchable only from a name. So it is very difficult to even to judge if it is possible to find the person. Typical obstacles in finding someone in Japan are: Strict privacy laws Obsolete citizen documenting system No name in Japanese language No physical address within 5 yrs old In most of the modern countries, citizen documentation databases are open to the public or accessible to investigative or legal professionals. However, here in Japan, nothing is publicly available. …

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Where are you now?

Residence verification – tips for self private investigation

Residence verification Question The client lost contact with her friend Joan Doe and the last contact was by e-mail on xx August 20xx. She lives at 1-1-1 Chiyoda, Chiuoda-ku, Tokyo. Her date of birth is xx Feb 19xx. Nationality is Canadian. The client wants to ensure that she is OK and wants to communicate to her that he wants to hear from her. Answer Why don’t we send a registered mail to the address? That way, we can tell if the person still receives the mail at the address. If they do, they are OK. If they’ve moved out, the mail will go back to us. If they registered a mail forwarding address at their new address, we will know …

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Registered mail

Site visit investigation on the perpetrator of traffic accident

This is the picture of the perpetrator of  traffic accident who repeatedly neglected the process service from a district court via post office. In Japan, court documents must be served by a post delivery man. And they will never do a service by placement even though the method is valid by laws. Nor will they do public records check or a neighborhood inquiry. So if they fail to serve the document, the plaintiff has to do a site visit investigation for themselves. This is where we are kicked in as a PI.

Find out the dispatch company of the deadbeat dad

We got a case from an American ex patriot single mother who needs to find out the employment of the father of her son who is a Japanse engineer and doesn’t pay the child support after he designed the previous employment this year. Both of them are living in Tokyo. He has been an engineer working for foreign based automobile industry. We have done employment investigations twice in the past. He changes his job every two years or so. A while ago, he resigned his previous employment where his salary was garnished for the child support. Nowadays we are not able to get access to employment database which is controlled by the Japanese government. No matter what reason, they will not disclose …

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