Limitations of DUe Diligence in Japan

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Due diligence

Directorship search in Japan

Company registry records from the ministry of justice are publicly available records, but it is not searchable from the name of subject. Therefore, no directorship search is available.

On above grounds, we have no choice but to use multiple proprietary databases:

  • TSR (Tokyo Shoko Research)
  • TDR (Teikoku Data Bank)
  • Registry Records Library (closed community)
  • Big Data Center (closed community)
  • Online media search
  • Paper article search
  • National Gazette


This way, provably we will cover 75% of directorship listed on the official company registry records.

Share holder’s Information

Believe it or not, the company registry records do not register share holders. So unless it is a public listed company, there is no way to verify the shareholder’s information except being disclosed from the company through direct inquiry.

Share holder’s names are not searchable on any of those database. But a specific company data on TSR or TDB will include share holders’s information if it has accepted a direct interview from them in the past,

Criminal records in Japan

Japanese criminal records are strictly confidential. They will not be disclosed to event the person himself/herself on the records except for emigration or the cases foreign prospective employment requires the criminal records.

Also criminal court records are closed to the public.

Therefore, the only way to verify past criminal offences is conducting media based searches on paper or magazine article databases.

So the alternative criminal records search will report only crimes and offenses that are comparable to felonies in the United States.

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