Pre-Employment Screening in Japan​

by Japan PI

Verify Before Trust

If you are staffing an overseas office in Japan for the first time, you may have to rely on newly formed relationships, overly aggressive recruiters, untrusted sources, or word of mouth when hiring your first employees. This challenge is compounded in Japan since the best employees of most companies tend to stay with their current employer.

A common mistake of many foreign companies make is to hire an executive who expresses themselves well in English, but has a poor track record or no real abilities. Or worse, a record of deceit, falsehoods and a criminal record.


Primary Source Verification

In the employment screening services, our principle is primary source verification. We will directly contact education departments of schools and HR departments of organizations to verify the enrollents of the candidates. 
At Japan PI, we can screen potential employees, confirm their education credentials and employment history, follow up on their background, and conduct a reference check on the related parties. 
Reference checks can be made either with the provided referrers by the candidate or other sources found by our preliminary researches. 
We can do this before an offer is made, so you don’t put yourself at risk.
Thank you very much. I am looking at your report now and it is thorough and detailed. When I get another case in Japan I’ll come to you first.
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FAQ’s On Employment Screening


Japanese Police never release criminal records to any third parties. They will issue the Certificate of Criminal Records only for the purpose of immigration and employment at a foreign company.

NPA Japan
How To Apply For Criminal Records.

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