Business Investigation Services

Make Informed Business Decisions in Japan

From conducting comprehensive background investigations on new executives, to interviewing witnesses for an internal investigation, to gathering intelligence about competitors, we help you gather critical information to help you make a more informed business decisions. That’s what Due Diligence is all about.

We act fast to help take preemptive action to limit expensive problems or understand the extent of the issues at hand.

Background Checks

A background check gives you the confidence necessary to make decisions about people or companies such as potential business partner, employee, debtor, fiancee or just about anyone or any company in your life or business.

  • Corporate: Business, credit exposure management and lawsuits on fraud
  • Personal : Employment, human resources management, business, loan and investment
Background Check in Japan

Due Diligence Services

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Business Background

Investigate Company related information, Perform Due Diligence, Background Checks for business.

Personal Background

Personal background checks on marriage, money trouble, fraud, etc.

Pre-employment Screening

Verify applicant education, employment history and references.

Workplace Investigation

We gather evidence of fraudulent activities of employees or directors.

Intellectual Property

Obtain counterfeited brand goods, forged items, parts, and trade mark infringements in Japan.

Insurance Fraud

At Japan PI, our bilingual agents investigate insurance claims and insurance fraud of all types.

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