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Tracking Infidelity Cases

At Japan PI, we understand the trauma and devastation that comes with a partner’s infidelity.

We also believe that the unknown may drive a partner to feelings of isolation, suspicion, and depression.

Our history in managing these types of cases gives us an understanding of your pain and fear. We have had the opportunity to help many people like you and can offer our services in how to navigate infidelity cases in Japan, get out of damaging circumstances and move on with your life.

Japan PI can help you gather the evidence you need to confirm or deny your suspicions to make an infidelity case against your partner.
At Japan PI, we understand the trauma and devastation that comes with a partner’s infidelity.

Utmost Discretion and Confidentiality

Japan PI can help you gather the evidence you need to confirm or deny your suspicions to make an infidelity case against your partner.

Client’s confidentiality is the covenant in the private detective business.


We are committed to using the utmost discretion when investigating these sensitive cases and all of our sessions are strictly confidential.


Result Oriented Surveillance

Japan PI provides proactive surveillance services and can give real-time updates to our clients throughout the investigation. Unusual activity will be discreetly documented and confidentially reported back to the client.

Our daily services with customers from all over the world develop our commitment and investigation skill to be the world class level.

We can obtain the images of a couple entering/exiting the same room of a hotel with a tiny hidden camera.

Advanced Skill Sets and Full Preparation

We can obtain the images of a couple entering/exiting the same room of a hotel with a tiny hidden camera.  

It will hamer the groundless excuses of the subject: “I didn’t stay with him/her in the same room of the hotel. It is just a business trip.”

We are also not only good at surveillance but also desktop researches includlugin media searches and preetexting. 

Unlike other agencies, we take full advantages of other preparatory researches to make the surveillance go smooth.     

Infidelity Package Fees

Rates for Infidelity Investigations are the same as our Surveillance Services.

Please check the Japan PI Pricing Page for more details.

FAQ’s on Infidelity

  • Can you take photos of the subject entering a hotel room?

    We can take photos of the subject entering/exiting a hotel room. But it depends on the security level of the hotel.

    if it is a luxurious hotel with a card key access system to the elevator areas, we need to be a guest of the hotel to locate their room number. So unless we know the hotel in advance, at the first scene at the hotel, we just locate the hotel. Next, we reserve a room at the hotel as a guest. And we will aim at another chance of them entering/exiting to locate their hotel room.

    After that, we will be able to monitor their hotel room.

  • Can you conduct surveillance on the US military personnel?

    Yes. It is possible, but we can’t get access to the US military base unless the client or some related party invites us to the base.

    Below is the sample report of a US military serviceman who was involved in infidelity.

    Report US Military

  • How can I set up a surveillance plan?

    First, you should figure out what your ultimate goal is.

    • Just a confirmation of the behaviors of the subject
    • Solid evidence of infidelity for divorce

    For just confirmation sake, you don’t have to observe the subject for a long period. You can speculate the whole picture from a piece of information.

    However, for evidence-wise, it may be necessary to continue surveillance for a long period till we gather enough evidence to prevent the subject from making silly excuses.

    They could say “It’s just a business trip. I stayed in a different room from him. etc.”

    For secured proof, you may need the following scenes:

    • Kiss, deep hug, holding hands
    • Photos of them entering the same room of the city hotel
    • Photos of them entering a “love hotel (hotels dedicated to intercourses)
    • Long observation of them being together for a long time (unless
      above two unavailable)
  • Do you keep our secret?

    Client’s confidentiality is the basic principle of private investigation. Without this, the private investigation cannot exist.

    Protecting the information you trust to Japan PI is our first priority.

    Japan PI uses physical, procedural, and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your information.

    And we will be punished by laws if we divulge the client’s information.

  • How do you plan surveillance about a traveling cheater?

    Here we talk about the case where the subject and his mistress (or a female colleague in his business) have a business trip in Japan and the client can provide hotel information. They are likely to give excuses: “We are just colleagues. We stayed in different rooms.”

    If the check-in time of the hotel is 15:00, we would like to commence surveillance at 14:30.

    A typical example of the surveillance is as follows.
    14:30 – 24:30 10 hours
    06:30 – 13:30 7 hours

    If the hotel has tight security, we should be a paying guest at the hotel to observe their activities at the hotel.

    We will try to observe their hotel rooms so that they won’t give any excuses: We stayed at different rooms.

    During surveillance, we try to monitor their rooms to catch the images of them entering the same room.

  • What kind of information of the target do you need?

    First of all, we need clear photos of the target. They should include close-up face photos without smiling, heavy make-up, flash lights  and the ones with full body (if any).

    Name, date of birth, address, workplace, physical characteristics (height, body shape, hairstyle, glasses, hat, usual outfit, and belongings, etc.)

  • How do you monitor a hotel room?

    How do you monitor the hotel room of the target?

    We will use a tiny hidden remote video camera to monitor the hotel room.

    First, we need to know the exact room number of the target when he/she checks in the hotel. Nowadays, there are more no more luxury hotels wait I got a card key access system to the elevator area or the floor area. In such a case, we are not able to push the button the elevator the subject gets in. We need to follow the target through an elevator and a guest floor to find out the guest room of the target.

    We do not always succeed in determining the room number at one time, and this result may yield only step by step.
    There may be a time when we can only find out the floor at the first attempt without locating their room number.

    It is an awkward moment for investigators to follow them to their guest room. Sometimes, they could get vigilant because they see someone else coming close to them. In that case, we need to take a little distance from them.

    However, the target should exit and enter the guest room again. We will try to find the room number at the next time when they enter the room. At the second opportunity, we know their floor. That makes it easier for us to identify their room number.

    At intermediate and higher hotels, we must also stay at the hotel as guests. Otherwise, we cannot access the guest floor.

    Once we know the room number of the target, we will install a small wi-fi remote camera in the corridor near the target room. And we monitor the target room from a distance.

    However, these gears are not perfect. Occasionally, the condition of the equipment may deteriorate, the radio wave may be interrupted, or the battery may be interrupted. Hotel guests or security guards may also detect the hidden camera. We will monitor the target room while continuing to maintain such an accident.

  • How you handle infidelity cases?
    We specialize in surveillance with which we observe the subject’s suspicious activities.
    The usual floor is as follows.
    – The client speculates the most likely date and time of the subject having an affair.
    – We conduct surveillance based on the instructions from the client.
    Surveillance is charged at an hourly rate and out-of-pocket expenses. We will give the client a quote based on the total estimated hours spent on the surveillance.

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