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Locate Missing People in Japan

Our Mission Statement:

Our sole mission is to secure the safety and confidentiality of our clients. We do our utmost to carry out investigatory law services to the best of our ability.

Our Services:

As a private investigation firm, we would like to explain the types of services we provide to our clients. These services include but are not limited to:

Investigative services in Japan differ greatly from those in other countries. There are strict privacy laws and there are no instantaneous search databases that allow investigators to locate individuals’ addresses from a first and last name.

Find People in Japan vs. Other Countries:

Investigative services in Japan differ greatly from those in other countries. There are strict privacy laws and there are no instantaneous search databases that allow investigators to locate individuals’ addresses from a first and last name.

Other differences include the following:

  • Almost all government registration records are not open to the public with the exception of real-estate registration records and company registration records.
  • The Act on Protection of Personal Information (effective since April 1, 2005) severely limits the acquisition of personal information by the public.
  • The majority of government records, which are often open to the public in other countries, are strictly confidential in Japan.
  • Japan’s government is severely lacking in their documentation of foreign residents due to a small number of immigrants and language barrier issues. This may prevent us from gathering information through government records.

As a result, finding people in Japan may be more time consuming and significantly more expensive than others Western countries.

How We Work Together:

Regarding Reuniting Loved Ones:

We are capable of locating missing persons if provided with any of the crucial information listed below:

  • Previous address (within five years old)
  • Parents’ address
  • The permanent domicile (equivalent of National ID number)

The acquisition of this information greatly increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Regarding Locating Runaways and Missing Persons:

If you are able to provide any of the information below, it would be invaluable to our efforts in locating the subject in question:

Records of outgoing phone calls before and after the disappearance
Home/mobile phone statements
Credit card statement
ATM and/or credit card activity
Computer history
E-mail and/or Internet history
Personal belongings left behind
Paid bills

Any information handwritten by the missing person

Additional Services

Request Skip Tracing of defendants, debt dodgers, fugitives or missing family people.

Search and Locate Legal Heirs or lost Family Members in Japan.

Finding a Missing Person Fees

Japan has increasingly strict industry-wide privacy laws, which leads to increased costs. The more information you can provide about the subject, the smoother the investigation will proceed, and costs will be suppressed.

Rates should be considered a guideline and can vary case by case. At the time of consultation, we’ll ask specific questions then deliver a specific quote for our services.

Please check the Japan PI Pricing Page for more details.

FAQ’s on Missing Person

  • Can you find a phone number of my old acquaintance in Japan?

    Here in Japan, all the personal information is strictly confidential. There are no publicly available government records except real estate registry and company registry records. It is not realistic to find their phone number without knowing their physical location in Japan.

    Phonebook entry rate of the landline is less than 15% and landline itself is obsolete. THere is no way to find a cell phone number except getting it form the person himself/herself by physically contacting them.

  • Free Quote for Missing Person

    Cass Studies

    • We can locate the contact information of anold friend in Japan
    • We can locate the current address of the subject form his/her name, age,  and rough area f residence. The subject can be a mistress of the client’s husband, a debtor, or a defendant of litigation.
    • We can locate the current address of a subject through the surveillance form his/her workplace.
    • We can locate the home address of a vehicle owner or bank account owner who is the client’s acquaintance.

    Address trace from old one

    Locating new address form the last known address of less than 5 years old

    Address verification

    Address verification and address trace from the old address which security is too tight to approach.

    Telephone search

    Locating a mistress or debtor form their name, age, phone # and other information.

    Narrow down address

    Locating address of a defendant from their name, date of birth and rough residential area.

    Address from employment

    Locating residential address from employment which is a large building complex with multiple exits. That way, we are going to conduct surveillance form their residence to gather evidence of fraudulent activities.

    Address from vehicle

    During surveillance, the subject was picked up by a car. We locate the accomplice from their vehicle.

    Room # search

    The defendant went back home to a high rise apartment with tight security. Their room # was unknown. We are going to locate room # to file a lawsuit against them.

    Name from Address

    The residence address was located during surveillance. But name information of the subject was unavailable from outside. We are going to identify the name from the address.

    Well done. Thnks to excellent service, we can meet each other for the first time in 35 years.

    I know she is not the 19 year old I first met, or the 35 year old I last met. My hair has also thinned and my waist thickened, as is natural. I plan however to visit her monthly, as long as I can and as long as she is able to meet me.

    Again, my sincere appreciation Mr. Koyama for making this possible.
    Mike D.

    Free Quote for Missing Person

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