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Verification Before Trust

Japan is the third-largest economy in the world and a country with unique business customs and legal and financial systems as well as a unique culture and moral code of its citizens.

However, as with other countries in the world, Japan is also home to shady characters and businesses. Even so, such shady businesses and practices might not be so obvious to foreigners who are new to Japan.

Black Listed Companies

Due Diligence & Cultural Bridge

Are you contemplating a new partnership, joint venture, merger, or corporate restructuring? Then consider the benefits of a due diligence investigation. In today’s business environment, timely and accurate intelligence isn’t an option; it’s a necessity.

Before your business dealings, due diligence is essential in avoiding all kinds of risks.

Japan has its unique business practices. Japan PI can provide in-depth local intelligence based on its extensive experience as the bilingual private investigation firm in Japan.

Bespoken Due Diligence

We specialize in conducting due diligence on any aspect of corporate or commercial business transactions, providing the information you require to trust partners and settle terms according to the best of your interests.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Open Source Media Checks
  • Source Interviews
  • Site Visit Investigations
  • Undercover Operations
Black Listed Companies

Case Study of Business Due Diligence

Standard Backgrund Investigation

US$1,000.00 (10 business days)

It will include basic profile, family, address history, employment history, education history,
media search, negative record searches, address ownership, reverse directorship, source interviews, and a site visit investigation.

Sampe Background Investigation Report

Site Visit

US$360.00 (Tokyo area) (3 business days)

We recommend this due diligence when you are concerned about the legitimacy of an investment management agency that has a local address in Japan.
Many cold callers pretend to be present in Japan even though they never exist in reality.
Please refer to FSA Japan Investor’s Alert

Also, You can check if the financial agency is the commercial license holder in Japan at this site.
Financial License Holders, FSA Japan

Sample Site Visit Report

FAQ’s For Business Due Diligence

Can you check a criminal record or an association with a criminal organization?

Criminal records are strictly confidential in Japan. Even a signed release from the person himself/herself does not work at all at Japanese police.

But criminality check is available. It is an anti-social list (blacklist) check and a media coverage search for any criminal records.

To run a check, we need subject’s name in the Japanese character. Otherwise, the integrity of the verification diminishes due to the numerous numbers of homonyms in the Japanese language.

Can you obtain a certificate of criminal records in Japan?

No. We can’t obtain it as a proxy of the subject.

As Japan is not based on common law, the Japanese government does not have the police background check system domestically. Therefore, they are quite reluctant to issue this certificate because it contradicts the domestic rules. However, they are aware the certificate of criminal records is required for immigration or employment purposes, they issue the certificate only for the international purposes.

The person himself/herself must visit the police head office or Japanese embassy to apply for the certificate of criminal records (警察証明/犯罪経歴証明/渡航証明). Fingerprints must be submitted to the application as well. The police will collect the fingerprints in the head office of the police in each prefecture.

The third party can’t apply for the document even though we are provided with the signed release from the person himself/herself.

For more details, please refer to the following site.
How To Apply For Certificate Of Criminal Record (Tokyo Metropolitan Police)

What information is included in Japan's company registry records?

Company registry records include name, address, capital, date of establishment, line of business, directors.

Company credit reports from the proprietary databases such as TSR or TDB will include name, address, capital, date of establishment, line of business, directors, customers/suppliers, shareholders, brief financial statement, etc.

Can you investigate debts of Japanese company?

Japanese companies are not required to disclose their financial statements unless they are publicly listed companies. So it is not possible to find their financial statements in the publicly available databases.

But the company credit reports of the majority of Japanese companies are available in TDB (Teikoku Data Bank) or TSR (Tokyo Shoko Research). That way, we will find out the debts of the subject company.

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