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At Japan PI, we specialize in assisting attorneys who need to locate parties or individuals for legal purposes. This task is known as skip tracing.

This process can be especially difficult in Japan. Due to stringent privacy laws, the majority of personal government databases are strictly confidential. The only information available to the public is the real-estate registry and company registry records.

However, with a legal cause such as collecting debts, acquiring compensation, finding an heir or serving court documents, residential and family records can be obtained.


Assisting Our Business Clients

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with businesses such as real-estate agencies, company creditors, financial institutions and insurance companies who need to locate individuals in Japan for legal purposes.

We do extensive investigations using all possible methods of action to gather information on a subject for our clients. We also have our extensive proprietary database for individual location.

Clients who use Japan PI have the knowledge, safety and security they are receiving the most effective private investigation services with bilingual communication Japan PI has to offer.

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FAQs for Skiptracing

First of all, the situations in Jpan is entirely different from the US. There are no “public records” in Japan except real estate property records and company registry records. The Japanese government does not make any databases publicly available. Therefore, it is legally impossible to operate a data mining agency like TLO, Tracers Info, Experian, etc. Experian is running almost all over the world, and they have a branch in Japan. But what they can offer is only PEP checks and KYC checks alone. If they operated a database in Japan, they would be cracked down by police quicker than a rabbit gets slaughtered.

As it were, we are like fighting with a bare handed in Japan. A skip trace in Japan is always 20 times more challenging than in the U.S., So there is no fixed price for this service. We managed to maintain an underground database for ourselves collected from the market’s lists. But it covers only 30% of the entire population, and we can never update the contents of the database due to the insanely strict privacy laws. Those lists were all circulated before 2005 when privacy laws were still loose.

Often the case, we can even start anything if the US client has only the subject’s name in Alphabet without any residence district or a previous address unless the subject is a high-profile individual. This is another issue. Japanese name in Alphabet typically produces 10 or more combinations in the Japanese character. So it makes our investigation 10 or more times more challenging than we have the name in the Japanese character originally.

What if you suddenly lost all the access to the databases and all the public records in the U.S.? That’s our situation. We’ve got to be more creative and resourceful than the US counterparts in this field to be successful.

If you send us specific information including the subject name, DOB and address related information, we can do a little preliminary research and send you our quote. Our fee starts from US$499.00, but typically it will cost around US$1,200.00 if the provided information is limited. And in some cases, we have to decline to accept the case due to the lack of information.

"I cannot tell you how pleased I am for your work... Perhaps we shall meet some day, but if not, I hope you know you have made a fundamental difference in my life and with several other people. In my culture, we have a word, mensch, which means a really good person, one whom you can trust and respect. You, sir, are a mensch. It is an honor to have worked with you."
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