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Exhausted Your Online Sleuthing Skills? We are Here To Help

In Japan, Google can only get you so far. Once you’ve exhausted your skills as an amateur sleuth, it may be time to hire a professional. Retaining an investigator is not something that most people do everyday, which is why we walk you through everything step-by-step from the initial engagement agreement, through our investigative report and phone call while maintaining a completely transparent process.

We’ll work around Japan’s strict privacy laws, and cultural expectations to deliver you top notch service.

Whether its reuniting you with your biological parents or long-lost loved ones, tracking down some historical familial information or conducting a background investigation on that newest family member that seems to have some hidden agenda, we are here to help.

Has your child been illegally abducted by a parent? We can track them down. Do you have a cheating wife, or a cheating husband in Japan? We can handle that too.

Intensive Media Check and Source Interviews, identity Verifications, foreclosure records, photos of unknown subjects

Our Services for Individuals

Track missing people, cheating spouses, dishonest employees or insurance fraud.

Track or investigate an affair, adultary, cheating partner or spouse in Japan.

Child Investigation Services including Location, Recovery and Child Custody.

Find Missing People in Japan, all types.

Find Lost Family Members or Legal Heirs in Japan.

Personal background checks on marriage, money trouble, fraud, etc.

"Thank you so much for finding where they live, Goro. You did a great job. We are very sad because no agreement was reached , but at least we know where they live. I think they will need to get in touch with us in the near future, so patience on our part may be needed. I am thinking that maybe you guys could keep some kind of watch on them, but I will speak to XXX and our lawyer. We will be in touch soon. Thank you again so much."
Lauren and Bob A

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