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Proxy Services for Legal Documents

We provide proxy services for obtaining Japanese public offices in English. Most Japanese public offices provide services only in Japanese language and there are much cultural differences between Japan and Western countries.

  • Juminhyo Residential Registry Records (Residence and household certificate)
  • Koseki Family Registry Records (Birth/death/marriage/divorce certificate)
  • The Certificate of acceptance of divorce registration
  • Taking finger prints for US public offices (FBI, etc.)

Public Records are confidential in Japan

Believe it or not, most of the Japanese public records (government records) are strictly confidential in Japan. Some of the government records are not accessible even by the person himself/herself such as criminal records, litigation. And in some cases, you are required to provide particular information to extract the records even though it is regarding your records. For example, You need to provide the permanent address and the name of the head of the family to obtain your Koseki family registry records. Unless you know it, it is nearly impossible to get them.

Public records
Private documents

Legal procedures for marriage, employment or inheritance

You may need to obtain those documents for employment, emigration, inheritance procedures or ancestry research purposes. We will assist you to obtain Japanese official documents under your authorization.

However, as those documents are highly sensitive documents. We need to go through strict screening process from Japanese municipal offices.

And you need to provide us the exact information as the public offices require. Without sufficient information, it is impossible to obtain those records.

Our Services for Obtaining Legal Documents

Juminhyo Residence Registry

We can obtain Juminhyo redidence registry records for verification of residence in Japan, proof of households or insurance purposes.

Koseki Family Registry

We obtain Kosdki family registry records foe Japanese decedents for emigration or ancestry research purposes.

Divorce Certificates

We can obtain a divorce certificate or a Koseki family registry recordo for those who married Japaense spouse in the past.

Fingerprints Taking

We can take fingerprints for those who need to submit a fingerprints form fro employment or emigration purpose.

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