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Proxy Services for Legal Documents

We provide proxy services for obtaining Japanese government records. 

Most Japanese public offices provide services only in Japanese language and most documents are unique to Japan and not compatible with what you will expect in most other countries.

We can assist you to get the following documents in English and translate/notarize them.

  • Juminhyo Residential Registry Records (Residence and household certificate)
  • Koseki Family Registry Records (Birth/death/marriage/divorce certificate)
  • The Certificate of divorce
  • Real Estate Registry Records
  • Company Registry Records
  • Taking finger prints for US and other foreign governments
Many claimants of insurance fraud think they can hide out in Japan to avoid detection. Japan PI can help you find and track them.
If you are staffing an overseas office in Japan for the first time, you may have to rely on newly formed relationships, overly aggressive recruiters, untrusted sources, or word of mouth when hiring your first employees.

Most government Records are confidential in Japan

Believe it or not, most of the Japanese government records are strictly confidential in Japan when it comes to the individual matters.

Some of the government records are not accessible even by the person himself/herself such as criminal records, and litigation records.

And in some cases, you are required to provide particular information to extract the records. For example, You need to provide the permanent domicile (Honseki) and the name of the head of the family to obtain your Koseki family registry records.

Without the required information, it is nearly impossible to get them.

Our Services for Obtaining Legal Documents

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Request Skip Tracing of defendants, debt dodgers, fugitives or missing family people.

Vital Records

We can obtain vital records or Juminhyo or Koseki records for the verification of birth, marriage, and death.

Track missing people, cheating spouses, dishonest employees or insurance fraud.

Divorce Certificates

We can obtain a divorce certificate or a Koseki family registry recordo for those who married Japaense spouse in the past.

We discreetly track a cheating partner and document any unusual activity.

Company & Real Estate

We can obtain company and real estate records from the local legal bureau.

We provide fingerprints services for those who need to submit a fingerprint form for FBI or other government offices.

Fingerprints Services

We provide fingerprints services for those who need to submit a fingerprint form for FBI or other government offices.

FAQs About Legal Documents In Japan

  • Can you conduct a death certificate search from Passport #?

    First of all, death records are not searchable in Japan due to the strict protection policy of personal information. It is far from an easy task to complete the death verification with an official document. It requires arduous efforts to complete this mission.

    Passport number mostly does not make any sense in terms of private investigation due to the authoritative government policy. Immigration Bureau does not disclose its information to the private sector even with a legal reason.

    And since the Japanese government has not adopted ID number system for its citizens, we need to know the residence address or the Honseki (legal domicile) on Koseki family registry records of the person in order to obtain vital records (Koseki family registry records).

    There is a chance we can locate the residence address in Japan if he is also a company representative in Japan.

    We are to obtain company registry records of the person, find his residence address, and obtain his Koseki family registry records with the help of our legal adviser (only attorneys have a professional claim right for Koseki family registry records).

    Our fee is US$1,500.00 in total to obtain the Koseki records. Turnaround time is about 2 weeks.

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