Vital Records (Juminhyo and Koseki Registry)

by Japan PI

Citizen Documentation System in Japan

You may need to get access to Koseki family registry records for inheritance or genealogical reasons. We can assist you to obtain those documents. Koseki family registry records are the official vital records in Japan. Please note they are only for Japanese nationals. But Koseki records are strictly confidential. Those who can get access to them are only lineal ascendants/descendants and Japanese attorneys with professional claim rights. Also, you need to provide the required information to the local city hall to obtain them:
  • Honseki (Permanent Domicile)
  • The Name of The Head of The Family
We have a wealth of experience in dealing with businesses such as real-estate agencies, company creditors, financial institutions and insurance companies who need to locate individuals in Japan for legal purposes.
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We Can Get You Juminhyo or Koseki Certificates

Koseki family registry records system is unique to Japan and it is not compatible to foreign residents. 

There is another citizen documentation system: Juminhyo residence records system. It lists current address and household information and it is for both Japanese and foreign residents. 

To prove your residency in Japan for employment, tax or emigration purpose, this is the record you need to obtain. It also shows your Honseki (Permanent Domicile) if you are Japanese, which will help US to locate the Honseki.

At any rate, we will help you to obtain train any of those documents. Please feel free to contact us. 

If you wonder what is Juminhyo or what is Koseki, please refer Japanese Citizen Documentations system

Required iinformation and documents

Bellow are the required information and documents to obtain govenment registry records:

  • Name in Japanese and registered address in Japan
  • Letter of authorization for Japanese city halls
  • Copy of your ID card (Driver’s license, passport, etc.)

Vital Records Package

Juminhyo Residence Registry - US$600

Koseki Family Registry US$600 - US$1,200

Investigation of Address or Honseki - Contact Us

For more details about Koseki family registry records, please refer this page: Koseki Family Registry Records in Japan

→ Vital Records Pricing

For more details about Koseki family registry records, please refer this page: Koseki Family Registry Records in Japan

Please click here for sample Koseki register.

FAQs about Vital Records in Japan

The required information to get access to the Koseki family registry is:

  • The permanent domicile (Honseki)
  • The name of the had of the family 

Below are the issues of Koseki family registry.

  • Vital records are strictly confidential in Japan. No online
  • You need to hire an attorney, registering the legal
    reason for the application, name of the client, etc.
  • You need to know the reference key (the permanent domicile) to get
    access to the vital records.
  • There are 50% chances the last known address was his permanent domicile.
  • To know the permanent domicile, you need to know the old address
    which is younger than five years.

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