Vital Records (Koseki Family Registry)

by Japan PI

Juminhyo residence registry record will verify your residence in Japan and household with which you considers a family member.

To prove your residency Japan for employment, tax or emigration purpose, this is the record you need to obtain. You may need to obtain it in order to know where the permanent domicile (Honseki) in in Japan. Especially when you need to obtain a divorce certificate of a Koseki family registry record, you need to know where your Honseki of your ex Japanese spouse is.

However city halls will delete this record after five years of transfer by law. In order to obtain old Juminhyo record, it must be within five years after transfer.

If you wonder what is Juminhyo or what is Koseki, please refer Japanese Citizen Documentations system


Required iinformation and documents

Bellow are the required information and documents to obtain govenment registry records:

  • Name in Japanese and registered address in Japan
  • Letter of authorization for Japanese city halls
  • Copy of your ID card (Driver’s license, passport, etc.)

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