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When is Surveillance Appropriate?

Surveillance can provide you with crucial evidence for your investigation. Or on a more personal side, it can confirm and document your suspicions, leading to peace of mind. Surveillance is particularly helpful in the following cases:

  • Insurance Fraud Investigations
  • Worker’s Compensation Fraud
  • Employee Investigations
  • Abuse and Neglect Investigations
  • Child Support Investigations
  • Domestic Care (baby sitter, health worker, etc)
  • Cheating Partner (Wife, Husband, boyfriend, etc)
Surveillance can provide you with crucial evidence for your investigation. Or on a more personal side, it can confirm and document your suspicions, leading to peace of mind.

To see one of our example surveillance reports, go HERE.

What Japan PI Can Do:

At Japan PI, our bilingual agents use the latest technologies and techniques to track and document your subject.

The best thing about Japan PI is our field agents are bilingual, so you can communicate to them directly in English at any time.

We also pride ourselves in using the latest technologies (Photographs, Video, IM, etc.)  to keep you updated in Real-Time on your subjects whereabouts.

And our agents are skilled at observing the target without being detected.

Types of Cases We Handle

We track people making insurance or workman’s compensation claims.

We gather evidence of fraudulent activities of employees or directors.

We discreetly track a cheating partner and document any unusual activity.

We document and describe the conditions and care of children.

Surveillance Services Fees

In order to deliver the fairest investigation possible, rates are changed based on time/hours instead of specific achievement. In addition, some business expenses are also added.

Please check the Japan PI Pricing Page for more details.

To Get Started

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Surveillance FAQs

  • What kind of evidence will you provide in your reports?

    Our reports are documented in a timeline fashion, with locations, and what we saw during surveillance. Reports include text descriptions in English, as well as pictures and or video.

  • Can we communicate with agents during surveillance?

    Absolutely. At Japan PI, we pride ourselves in the fact that our agents speak English and Japanese, and can give you real-time updates on the whereabouts of the subject with photos all through the surveillance.

  • What is the minimum cost for a surveillance operation?

    The minimum cost for a surveillance engagement is US$499.00.

  • What are your payment terms?

    Surveillance is billed on an hourly basis plus expenses and a mileage.

    Prior to the beginning of each investigation, with the exception of long-term client contracts or special arrangements, a retainer and/or a deposit is/are required up front.

    Any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded back to the client, while retainer which is paid on authorized time is not refundable. A field investigation which exceeds the initial client authorized retailer will require additional funds prior to discontinuation of the case.

    Allowing an adequate retainer/deposit amount will keep the investigation continuing without delay. We will not exceed the amount you have authorized us.

    * Payment in Full is required prior to the release of any reports.

  • For what purpose do you need to conduct surveillance?

    Surveillance method is applied to obtain evidence of wrongful action in a civil case, to document a location of an individual, to obtain an evidence of infidelity, fraudulent insurance claim, etc. Surveillance is necessary when it comes to gathering physical evidence or locating someone who is evading from a debtor or any kinds of obligation the subject is owned.

  • How can you monitor a hotel room?

    Yess. It is possible.

    In order to monitor a hotel room, we need to locate the room number, first. The best way to do it is following the subject to the room right after they checks in the hotel.

    Some of the five-star hotels require an electronic card key to access elevators for guest floors. Therefore, in case, the client is aware of the hotel the subject checks in, we should better checks in the same hotel to get a freedom of moving around the hotel. In case there is no hotel information, we will wait for the subject leaves again, and nails down the room number when they come back there.

    It is possible to monitor the room with a WIFI based remote surveillance video camera as long as we can locate the room number of the subject. As it is based on FIFI connection, we can access the video from anywhere on the planet.

  • Do you succeed in surveillance at the rate of 100%?

    Technically speaking, surveillance is a manual work carried out by a human being. It is like a hunting game. There is no 100% success rate with one chance. But usually, our success rate is around 96% at the first attempt. At least, we would be successful eventually in the long run if we are allowed to try the second attempt or more.

    Some of the elements that are likely to cause the interruption of surveillance are as follows;
    – The subject hails a taxi suddenly in the middle of a street.
    – Someone pick up the subject at a station right after he/she reaches the station.
    – The subject entered a big convert stadium where there are more than 5 exits.
    – The subject is too vigilant to follow.

  • To Get Started

    Request a free estimate or order Surveillance immediately from our online form.

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