Intellectual Property Investigation in Japan

Intellectual Property Investigation

Crucial Evidence

Our reports will be the most appropriate form of evidence in litigation, under the supervision of IP specialists. Also it is guaranteed that the most effective investigative methods will be applied ranging from investigative stages to final solution stages. Investigation covers infringement situation of patent, trademark, brand, etc. via the undercover purchase of unjustly circulated commodities, investigation of circulation process, online identification of unjustly circulated items.

Obtaining forged items and analysis

We are to provide comprehensive solutions on intellectual property cases domestic or overseas, through professional investigative techniques from all over the angles.

  • Identifying forged commodities
  • Purchase of counterfeited commodities
  • Location and background check
  • Identification of production, circulation, and sale
  • Civil or criminal legal measures in collaboration with clients

We will provide necessary evidences for civil or criminal cases under the supervision of specialists on intellectual property infringement and our support extends to civil or criminal confiscation of counterfeited commodities, if necessary.


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