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Combating Insurance Fraud in Japan

Think insurance fraud does not happen in Japan? Think again. Many claimants of insurance fraud think they can hide out in Japan to avoid detection. Japan PI can help you find and track them.

As experienced bilingual insurance claim investigators, we conduct investigations and research that identifies and documents fraudulent claims in Japan. We obtain positive results for adjusters, claims examiners, human resources managers, risk managers and those in the legal field. We serve all phases of insurance investigations, and can provide valuable intelligence.

Many claimants of insurance fraud think they can hide out in Japan to avoid detection. Japan PI can help you find and track them.
Insurance Claim Investigations Japan PI

We can investigate:

  • Personal Injury Claims & Accidents
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Insurance Claim Investigations
  • Life Insurance Claims
  • Disability Fraud
  • Workman’s Compensation Fraud
  • Foreign Death Verification
  • Property Loss
  • and more

Protect Your Company Against Insurance Fraud

Alive and Well Checks

Japan PI can handle “Alive and Well Checks” for insurance companies throughout Japan. Insurance companies frequently use Japan PI find out the well-being of their claimants.

The private investigators at Japan PI will make an appointment with your claimant and physically visit them. We will observe the physical ability, treatment status, current health condition, household, employment status, etc. and obtain their photos if necessary. In the past, we have tracked disability claimants who are deceased, but still receiving disability checks.

Insurance Claim Investigations Japan PI
Make Informed Business Decisions in Japan

Site Visit Investigation

A site visit investigation is a case type where our investigator physically visits a requested location, such as a residence, store, business office, hotel, restaurant, etc., and conducts a professional observation and interviews to the claimant themselves or neighbors. It is primarily done for checking the condition or status of a residence, office, store, construction site.

Insurance Investigation Fees

Fees for investigations (Property insurance, Casualty insurance, LIfe insurance) vary based on type of investigation and necessary evidence.

Please check the Japan PI Pricing Page for more details.

FAQs On Insurance Investigation

  • Can you check obituary of the deceased in Japan?

    Obituaries are only for celebrities and VIPs. And death itself is still treated as confidential information in Japan traditionally. There is no culture of issuing an obituary for the deceased in Japan.

  • Can you obtain a death certificate as a public record in Japan?

    No. There is no independent death certificate system in Japan. It is a part of Koseki family registry record for Japanese nationals. Koseki family registry records are strictly confidential. We need to subcontract a Japanese attorney or obtain a letter of authorization from the bereaved family to get it. For US citizen deceased in Japan, U.S. embassy or consulate office register “the death as The Consular Report of Death of a U.S. Citizen Abroad.” In this case, U.S. Embassy of Tokyo is cooperative to our verification. But U.S. Consulate Office Osaka never disclose the information of its registration.

"Thanks to you & your staff for diligent work, please enjoy safe and relaxing end of year holidays. We would definitely recommend your services to our clientele and associates in Japan."
Paul C

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