Legal Investigation Services

by Japan PI

Assisting Law Firms, Attorneys, And General Counsel

Attorneys, Law Firms and General Counsel rely on Japan PI’s legal investigation services to get facts quickly and efficiently relating to corporate litigation, high stakes litigation or white collar fraud in Japan.

We can gather evidence for your case or trial, we can find a person or witness, conduct an asset investigation, identify information to gain leverage in negotiations, vet expert witnesses, conduct witness interviews, litigation support, or help you bridge the gap between your country and Japan.

The service includes a service of a document and an affidavit of service at a consular service of an embassy or Japanese notary public.

Our Services for Attorneys and Law Firms

Service of legal docs from overseas courts, summons, subpoenas & divorce papers.

Locate and develop witnesses for trial. Record witness testimony.

Obtain Koseki (family registry) records, divorce certificates, fingerprints certificates, etc.

Find real estate properties, bank account information, and general income.

Request Skip Tracing of defendants, debt dodgers, fugitives or missing family people.

Find Lost Family Members or Legal Heirs in Japan.

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