Personal Background Investigation

Fraud Prevention and Litigation Support

We perform in-depth background checks and criminal background checks for our clients in order to help them achieve legal, professional or personal safety and security.

In Japan, sometimes these processes are different than in other countries. These services included but are not limited to:

  • Locating targets
  • Debt Recovery
  • Criminal Proceedings
  • Money Swindling
  • Asset/property for debt recovery investigation
  • Support for cases where general legal measures are ineffective
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Background check via searching for assests

Background Checks and Background Investigations

Background check covers the verification of self-claimed profile and the negative records of a subject for employment/tenant screening or general due diligence purposes.

Background investigations can dig deep into an in-depth history and personality of a subject.

Types of information we can investigate include but are not limited to- past histories with family, neighbors, employers, friends, education, co-workers, professions, professional licenses, and much more. Our background investigations will help you to understand a character and profile of the subject.

What to Expect

Japan PI provides a comprehensive report on an individual including:

  • Intensive Media Check and Source Interviews (Criminal/Litigation Records, In-Depth Profile)
  • Professional Complaints
  • AKA’s (for Korean or Chinese-Japanese)
  • Identity Verifications
  • Address History Traces
  • Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce Records
  • Real Estate Property Ownership
  • Foreclosure records
  • Judgments (Supreme courts only)
  • Reverse directorship
  • Character and Profiles
  • Surveillance
  • Photos of Unknown Subjects
  • Discreet Background Investigations
  • Covert and Undercover Operations

Some investigation services include whether or not the subject is linked to possible relatives, real property ownership, corporate and limited partner affiliations, bankruptcies, judgments, real-estate, stock ownership information and other important details.Please see our sample background check report for more details.

Because of Japan’s strict privacy laws, our prices vary from those in Western countries. For more information concerning pricing, please see our post onPrivacy Laws and BackgroundChecks.

Personal Background Investigation Fees

Service Personal Background Investigations
Fee Level 1: US$499.00 (Term: 1 week)
Level 2: US$999.00 (Term: 10 business days)
Level 3: US$1,999.00 and up (Term: 3 weeks or more)
Descriptions Level 1 applies to a case where we are supposed to conduct a general background check and limited source interviews.
Level 2 includes but not limited to a general background check and intensive source interviews or a limited surveillance.
Level 3 is applied to a case where we focus on family pedigree or surveillance.

FAQ’s on Background Checks

Do you provide police checks and outstanding warrant?

Tha Japanese government and laws will never let anyone get access to the criminal records or credit-related records. Here in Japan, we have a power-centric government. Private sectors or ordinary people are not supposed to utilize any government records or the records held by financial institutions.

However, we will conduct an intensive media search for any criminal records, adverse articles, bankruptcy records, and attachment records of real estate properties on the subject. It is included in our background investigations.

Bankruptcy records come with just name and address. You need to provide the name in the Japanese language and rough address history to judge if the records are the perfect match. For attachment records of real estate properties, you need to provide the home address of the subject in Japan.

"Thanks to you & your staff for diligent work, please enjoy safe and relaxing end of year holidays. We would definitely recommend your services to our clientele and associates in Japan."

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Personal Background Investigation

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