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Asset Search in Japan

First of all, Japanese laws have crucial flaws in terms of locating assets for a debt collection purposes. You can execute the right of legal attachment but no official laws or organization gives you a right to access asset related information.

It is often said that a court judgement is no more than a piece of paper against those who do not care about their social status and intentionally hide their assets.


Real Estate Property Ownership

It is possible on the best efforts basis because real estate registry database at Local Legal Affair Bureau does not equipped to enable a property search from a name. But we can get access to proprietary databases that accumulate previously obtained registry records through their membership and make name based search enabled in their databases. That way, along with intensive source interviews, we can locate real estate properties on the best effort basis.

Company Ownership as Shareholder

It is extremely difficult to search. We can search major share holders of listed companies. However, as Japanese corporate registry records do not include the names of share holders, it is not possible to very the list of share holders even in government databases.

And securities agency will not disclose any customers information no matter what reasons we have.

Asset Search for Compulsory Attachments

So far in Japan, there is no powerful court injunction system. Only available methods of finding assets is the legal procedure of self disclosure where the court orders the subject to disclose their own assets. If they make a false statement, they could be filed a correctional fine of JPY300,000.

We can search financial assets through the special investigative methods to compensate the flaws of legal system.

And if you sue her in Japanese court and obtain a judgement with a right of asset attachment, you can force her to disclose her own assets in the court where a false statement may lead to a JPY300,000 fine.


Asset Search Pricing

Service Real Estate Property Search
Fee (Term) Retainer: US$360.00
5 business days
Description Name based search is not available on government real estate registry database.

Therefore, we run a search on other proprietary databases that cover about 50% of entire Japanese real estate properties records.

Service Employment Search
Fee (Term) Level 1
Retainer: US$360.00
3 business days
Level 2
Retainer: US$1,200.00
10 business days
Level 3
Retainer: US$1,500.00
20 business days
Description The degree of difficulty varies depending on the situation of the subject.

At Level 1, we will runt a directorship search.

At level 2, we use a confidential source to search the regular employment of the subject. This search is successful only if the subject has a long term regular job at a legitimate company.

At level 3, we will carry out surveillance of the subject to locate his/her employment. The total fee varies depending on the work style of the subject.

Service Bank Account Search
Fee (Term) Retainer: US$3,600.00
20 business days
Description We search up to 3 bank accounts with the name of the subject.
After three accounts, we will charge US$1,200.00 per unearthed account.

FAQs on Asset Search

It is possible, but we need to get a search warrant of court or something similar to obtain such information.

It is challenging to get the legal procedure for the international case first of all because the Japanese government and laws are not ready for international cases.

If you are not planning to sue the company in Japan, we use the bar association warrant (the request of information of the article 23-2 of the Attorney Act) which is a bit less authoritative than the search warrant of court.

Attorney Act

In this case, we collaborate with our legal adviser to go through the procedure. We must submit materials of prima facie on the damages the client suffered.

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