Obtain Koseki Family Registry Records

Birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates

At Japan PI, we provide proxy services to obtain the Koseki family registry records of yourself or your family members for immigration or ancestry research purposes.

Koseki records function as all the citizen documentations including birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates.

It is a complicated process even for Japanse speakers. We will help you to obtain them for you in English.

Only Available for Lineal Ascendants and Attorneys

Those who have a legal claim right to Koseki records are only the person himself/herself, lineal ascendants, and legal professionals such as attorneys, accountants.

If you are to obtain your own Koseki or that of your lineal ascendants, we will get the records with your letter of authorization. If it is regarding the documents outside your lineal ascendants, we will obtain them with a collaboration with attorneys.

If you wonder what Juminhyo is or what is Koseki, please refer Japanese Citizen Documentations system

Koseki family registry records

Required Information And Documents

Bellow are the required information and documents to obtain a Koseki family registry records:

  • The Permanent Domicile (Honseki)
  • The name of the head of the family (Hitoshi)

If you exercise your claim right for Koseki record as direct bloodline kin, the following documents are required for the local city hall.

  • Letter of authorization for Japanese city halls
  • Copy of your ID card (Driver’s license, passport, etc.)
Service Obtaining Koseki Records
Fee (Term) Level 1: US$500.00 (7 business edays)
Level 2: US$800.00 (14 business dayts)
Level 3: US$1,500.00 (30 business days)
Description Lebel 1 applies to the case where you are the lineal ascendant or the spouse of the Koseki holder and you can provide the Honseki (permanent domicile/legal domiciel) and the name of the head of family.
Foem of Letter of Authorization
Lebel 2 applies to the case where you are not the lineal ascendant or the spouse of the Koseki holder, and you can provide an old address of the subject which is less than five years old.
Lebel 3 applies to the case where you can provide us only the address of more than five years old or partial information of the old address and we must gather basic information for ourselves.
Sample Koseki Family Registry Records

FAQs On The Koseki Family Registry Records

Can I get a Koseki record of a relative who is not the direct bloodline kin?


But we can obtain Koseki Family Registry records through the attorney who has professional claim rights for the records.

But the problem is if the client can provide us the permanent domicile (Honseki) of the subject and if they have a permission reason to get it.

Due to the strict privacy laws, the city halls will not search it from just the name of the subject. At least we need you have the last known address within the past five years to obtain the permanent domicile.

Is the last know address enough to obtain Koseki records?

We need to provide the permanent domicile (Honseki) which is similar to the national ID number even though it has the form of address. It is a dinosaur-lime system based on the feudalism when citizens were not allowed to move freely without the permission of the governing war load.

The permissible reason could be inheritance matters, debt collection, etc. As the Koseki records the feudalistic social classes, they are strictly controlled to avoid discrimination. The pressure groups of the descendants of former outcast class demanded the government to block the records form the third party disclosure.

We have another system called Juminhyo residence registry system. They record the permanent domicile. But it is deleted in five years after the transfer. So the last know address must be within the five years after the transfer.

Also, there is a chance that the person set up the permanent domicile at the same place as the last known address. We may want to give it a try just in case the last know address happens to be the permanent domicile. You need to make your Koseki records independent when you get married or divorced. And at this moment, you can decide the permanent domicile at your will. So you can continue to use the same permanent domicile or change it to the place you wish. The permanent domicile can be anywhere in Japan.

If you are from a pedigreed family, you would not like to update the permanent domicile because you always want to prove your good pedigree. Other than that, you are likely to place your permanent domicile at the newly purchased house after marriage. If it is a house for rent, you may not want to set it at the rent house because you are likely to live in the rent house so long.

At any rate, we must speculate the behavior of the subject based on the family background to judge if it is worth proceeding with the investigation.

Can I obtain a death certificate in Japan?

It depends. What matters is if you can provide enough information to get it.

koseki family registry record is the equivalent of the death
certificate in Japan. But they are strictly confidential. We need to
provide honseki or the permanent domicile (kind of national ID number) of koseki
family registry records to the local city hall.

If you don’t know honseki, only the method to find his permanent domicile is locating his last
known address in Japan. And the Japanese government never let anyone
access their databases for searching purposes and they never search address of honseki for you with no matter what reasons.

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