Child Abduction by Japanese Mothers

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Child Custody Cases put stress on Children

At Japan PI, we understand a father’s parental rights should be equally recognized. However, certain Japanese legal procedures can make paternal rights an uphill battle. In this post, we will discuss Japan’s preferential treatment to mothers in custody battles and how we can assist you in obtaining equal ground.

Preferential Treatment
In many cases, Japanese legal procedures operate under two notions: children need their mother and the continuity of life; the idea that people of an older generation will continue to maintain their same traditions and belief systems.
It is not uncommon for a Japanese mother to hire an attorney that assists her in fabricating a domestic violence complaint, creating more difficulty for the father.

Legal Procedures
There are step-by-step legal procedures in place in order to eradicate these kinds of accusations. As a private investigation firm, we are able to work with attorneys to gather evidence and provide testimony on behalf of a wrongly accused parent. These procedures include mediation, indirect enforcement, direct enforcement, compulsory execution, restraining orders, habeas corpus claims, among others.

How We Can Help
We can assist clients in cases involving the following. These include but are not limited to:

  • Domestic violence fabrication
  • Missing mother and children
  • Child abduction by mother
  • Refusal of visitation rights
  • Direct enforcement violations
  • Mutual agreement violations

Fathers are able to obtain parental authority under the following conditions:

  • Income meets or exceeds a certain amount
  • Regular working hours (late hours are not permitted)
  • Supportive living environment

Successful Cases
Japan PI, in collaboration with a team of attorneys, has had successful cases in which fathers were able to obtain custody rights under the following conditions:

  • Domestic violence fabrication
  • Missing mother and child
  • Visitation rights violations

Where to Start
If you are currently in this situation the first necessary actions are as follows:

  • File a mediation for custodian designation
  • Begin negotiation for visitation rights

For more information on cases like these, please visit our Child Investigation page.
In the case of international child abduction, please first seek help from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan.

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