Combination of Investigation

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Combination of Investigation

Private Investigation and Consulting for Information Gathering

Sometimes private investigators are not perfect in terms of information gathering In Japan due to strict privacy laws and negative perception of PI industry. Therefore, in order to fulfill all the investigation needs, we need to collaborate with attorneys or similar legal professions.
You may ask “Why you can’t bet the necessary information even though you’re PI yourself?” It is a good question. But due to above mentioned reasons, we are restricted from sensitive information but we are well versed with the methods to obtain necessary information to solve your problem.
In other words, one of our mission is to give an appropriate advice to our client and bridge our client to legal professionals or court to complete our information gathering.
Private Investigators
  • Source Interviews
  • Field Operations
  • Data research
  • Undercover Operations
  • Bridging to attorney’s request for information and court order
  • Professional Claim Rights for Residence/Family Registry Records
  • Request of Information through Bar Association


  • Court Order
  • Self Disclosure Order
Through attorney’s request for information, we have been successful in the following matters:
  • Obtaining subscriber’s information from the land line number of a con artist.
  • Locating a physical address from IP address in online slander case.
  • Obtaining immigration records and previous conviction records of a fugitive over corporate embezzlement case.
  • etc.

Legal reasons

In order to use the process of attorney’s request for information or professional claim rights for residence/family registry records, client must have a permissible reason to seek personal or sensitive data from public or private organizations.

You have the right to know if you are a victim of fraud, slander, financial or physical damage, infidelity, outstanding debt, etc. But you have to get prepared for some proof of your damage. Legal professionals will screen your purpose of investigation before they proceed with the process of the request of information.

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