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Bullying problems are severe and cause significant distress to children and their families. In some cases, the victim’s child’s body, life, or property may be threatened, and in some cases, the victim may commit suicide. In severe cases, legal proceedings may be necessary.

If a minor gets bullied or attacked, their parents may file a claim for damages against the assailant or their parents after consulting a lawyer. However, due to safety concerns, the court won’t allow serving the complaint to the offending student at school. This may require locating the perpetrator’s home address for proper service. Unfortunately, schools rarely disclose the offender’s personal information.

Therefore, we have recently seen an increase in the number of cases in which we are in charge of investigating the address of the bullying perpetrator to serve the complaint.

Address Investigation of The Perpetrator of Bullying

Identifying a student’s address is a more complex investigation than anticipated.

Surveillance at Schools

In general, most people may think of surveillance at school as an investigation technique. However, conducting surveillance at school can be complicated. When conducting surveillance after school, it is difficult to identify the individual because many students will wear the same uniform at the same time of day. In addition, schools monitor suspicious persons and criminals in proximity to ensure the safety of the surrounding area. Therefore, simply waiting near the school may result in a 110-call (911-call) being made.

Date Search

Therefore, it is wiser to identify the address by data research based on incomplete information about the subject. However, in many of these cases, students attend private schools, and their residences are widely dispersed, so there are many cases in which the area of the home of the perpetrator has not been narrowed down.

We leverage data research, including real estate ownership records, directory listings, and Zenrin residential maps, to pinpoint the whereabouts of perpetrators. Our methods encompass rigorous data research, on-site verification, strategic narrowing down of information, and interviews with related parties to identify the culprits’ addresses and ensure proper restitution is served.

In a recent investigation, we narrowed down a list of business owners by utilizing the information that the perpetrator’s father was a company owner, along with his approximate area of residence. Through diligent research, we confirmed the relevant company owners’ addresses, identifying the assailant’s location via this thorough process.

The investigation costs range from 150,000 yen to 300,000 yen, based on the time and effort required to identify the attacker’s address. Once their address is discovered, the client may have the contracted attorney send content proof to commence legal procedures.

The role of a detective is to identify the individual address of the perpetrator. Still, at the same time, we may be asked to collect records of the actual bullying and testimonies of the people involved.

In general, the victim of bullying files a lawsuit for damages against the perpetrator. Still, in cases where the school knows about the bullying but neglects to take action, the school may be named a defendant in the lawsuit.

Bullying may cause severe damage to the victim’s body or property, or the victim may commit suicide due to suffering from bullying. Against this background, the Law for promoting Anti-Bullying Measures was enacted in 2013. The school’s responsibility for bullying will be considered in conjunction with this law.

Solutions to Bullying Problems

Bullying problems are severe and can cause significant distress to children and families. The safety and welfare of the child is paramount.

The following is a list of solution options that should be considered.

Resolution Through Dialogue

Sometimes, a child’s bullying problem may not be severe enough to warrant litigation or legal proceedings. There is room to consider options for resolving the issue through dialogue and mediation.

Cooperation from Schools

Schools are expected to be involved in the bullying issue and work together to resolve it. It is important to first communicate with the school to discuss the bullying situation and how to respond. Consider professional assistance if the school does not take appropriate action or resolve the problem.


Another option is to consult a counselor or educator familiar with children’s bullying issues and can provide appropriate advice.

Lawyers or Private Detectives

Attorneys and private detectives can help you gather evidence and proceed with legal proceedings.


Bullying issues involving children may require legal proceedings. The victim’s parents may confer with an attorney and file a claim for damages against the perpetrator or his or her parents. A private detective may investigate to determine the perpetrator’s address. Options for resolving bullying issues include dialogue, mediation, working with the school, consulting a counselor, and using a lawyer or private detective.

Since school bullying is a severe social issue, Japan PI is committed to identifying the perpetrators and protecting the victims by utilizing our thorough investigative methods and information-gathering capabilities.

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