Case Studies of Employment Screenings for Mid-Career Recruitment

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This article sheds light on the fundamental aspects of selecting and screening executive candidates during hiring. By doing so, organizations can avoid various employee-related issues such as work negligence, violation of work orders, and any form of harassment at the workplace, including reverse harassment. 

The article also highlights the importance of complying with legal and ethical standards. Effective screenings can also prevent criminal incidents such as embezzlement, misappropriation, and information leakage.

The characteristics of monster employees are not easily discernible through superficial evaluations such as interviews. Therefore, thoroughly verifying the track record and behavior at previous workplaces is the most effective means of risk management.

Unveiling the Dark Side through Background Checks

Below are examples where negative evaluations from previous workplaces were confirmed through background checks and reference checks.

Revealed Dark Side of a Top Researcher – Misappropriation through Data Manipulation!

The subject of investigation had worked for over ten years at his previous job and was a research and development department leader.

The investigation revealed that the individual had been engaging in fraudulent manipulation of research results several years before leaving the company, which led to their subsequent dismissal. He had inflated his research achievements and tampered with crucial data. As a result, it was revealed that the outcomes of a research project that had received substantial funding were significantly exaggerated.

Initially, the previous employer highly valued his research achievements and trusted his abilities. However, the individual gradually began to afford luxury cars and high-end branded clothing, drastically changing his lifestyle. According to interviews, the previous employer should have noticed these signs much earlier.

Those involved at the previous workplace regretted not conducting a background investigation before assigning essential research projects to this individual. As a result of this incident, the previous employer strengthened internal monitoring and ethics regulations, establishing a strict management system.

The Terrifying True Face of a Talented Employee with Both Looks and Skills Hidden Behind a Perfect Mask!

The subject of investigation had been hired through mid-career recruitment as a team leader in the sales department at her previous workplace. She was considered a competent employee, and the company significantly expected her abilities.

However, shortly after her recruitment, she pointed out various minor flaws and technical issues within the company’s systems and raised similar complaints among her colleagues and subordinates. She continued to criticize other departments for similar problems, gradually turning into what is commonly referred to as a “monster employee.”

Initially, the company evaluated and hired her based on her expertise and experience, expecting outstanding contributions from her abilities. However, her words and actions deteriorated the internal work environment, causing operational difficulties for the company. She unilaterally pointed out dissatisfaction and flaws she perceived, launching a campaign of criticism against the company’s top management.

Further investigations revealed that she had also caused similar issues in her previous workplace. In response to disciplinary action at that time, she resisted by involving external labor unions, resulting in a labor-management lawsuit that lasted for several years.

Alarming Reality of Corruption with Subcontractors, Inflating Order Amounts, and Massive Embezzlement by Executive

The subject of investigation had been granted authority for issuing orders and making payments to subcontractors in their tenth year at their previous workplace.

However, a few years after gaining the authority to issue orders, additional invoices for subcontractor requests kept coming, resulting in a significant increase in outsourcing costs. The company’s investigation revealed evidence of illicit collusion with subcontractors. It was discovered that the individual had engaged in fraudulent activities due to personal debts and domestic problems.

Fearing the negative impact on the company’s image if the embezzlement case were to be reported, the previous employer did not take criminal action.

Unveiling the Dark Truth of Atrocities: The Terrifying Transformation of an Elite into a Monster Employee

The subject, known for its high communication skills and popularity, was hired as a leader in the strategic planning department through mid-career recruitment. Upon joining the company, they diligently worked and achieved outstanding performance, leading to their promotion to an executive position one year later.

However, following their promotion, the atmosphere within the strategic planning department drastically changed, and other team members started resigning. Through internal inquiries, it was revealed that intense cases of power harassment were coming from the subject.

Furthermore, it came to light that similar issues had also occurred at their previous workplace, where power harassment had caused many employees to resign.

Superficial background checks alone cannot uncover hidden problems. Understanding the significance of conducting background investigations, including interviews with previous employers, is crucial as an essential risk management measure.

Disciplinary Actions Following Recruitment

Companies have the authority to impose disciplinary actions for employee misconduct. These actions may include warnings, reprimands, admonitions, salary reductions, work suspensions, demotions, written warnings leading to dismissal, or immediate termination.

If problems arise with an employee after recruitment, disciplinary actions can be applied. However, if conflicts with monster employees escalate into harassment lawsuits or similar situations, companies may face significant losses in time and finances.

Therefore, the best approach is to identify individuals who may have a history as monster employees through pre-employment background checks. This allows companies to identify and prevent risks proactively.


In this article, we have explained the essential points of selection and screening in recruiting executive employees. Examples of employee-related troubles and misconduct vary widely, but superficial interviews alone cannot identify monster employees. Background investigations are crucial. Investigative cases reveal problems such as work order violations, data manipulation and harassment, and corruption resulting in embezzlement. Companies need to minimize risks through pre-employment investigations.

While disciplinary actions can be applied if issues arise after recruitment, it is crucial to take proactive measures to prevent situations that may lead to harassment lawsuits and significant losses for the company.

If you have any inquiries regarding pre-employment screenings, please contact us.

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