Cheating Spouse – A Female Perspective

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According to the Huffington Post, a whopping 36% of men have admitted to adultery while on a business trip. In cases like military deployment (in Japan alone, there are 23 United States military bases) it is actually more likely for husbands to have affairs while overseas than for their wives at home to be unfaithful.

What makes cheating in Japan so tempting to Western men? Westerners are often romanticized and idolized in Japan, transforming even the homeliest of gentlemen into quite the catch. Many Japanese women also see western men as their ticket out of an oppressive society or loveless marriage. This combination cannot only be flattering, but dangerous for the average business or military man.

Japan is a country that has layers of secrecy hidden within its walls. Discreet locations like “love hotels”, pay-by-the-hour facilities designed for sexual deviance, make it easy for adulterers to slip in and out undetected. Partners can also feign ignorance when it comes to getting access to Wifi or cellphone service overseas, making them difficult to contact during their stay.

Japan PI offers surveillance services that uncover the hidden world of extramarital affairs. Our mission is to put those suspicions to rest with our extensive surveillance and investigation to help our clients. We have had the opportunity to help many people like you and can offer our services in how to navigate infidelity cases in Japan, get out of damaging circumstances gain peace of mind, and move on with your life.

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