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Cheating wife

The online-dating service that offers adultery at the click of a button, Ashley Madison, launched their internationally famous website in Japan, four years ago.

According to Japan Trends, “The website already boasts over 19 million registered users…with a record of 70,000 members added in just the first four days after the launch.” While it may be a widely accepted notion that men are the primary cheaters, especially when on business trips overseas, the site specifically targets unhappy wives. In a report from the Japan Times, in over the first 120,000 people that joined the site, “women outnumber[ed] men by 2 to 1.”

It is commonly accepted that a Japanese marriage is deeply rooted in tradition and ultimately changes the dynamic of the relationship, often preceding romance and desire for finances and parenthood. While this may be an unfortunate truth in many marriages worldwide, it is especially prevalent in Japan. This may cause resentful wives to romanticize the company slogan, “Life is short. Have an affair.”

Japan in itself is a country that is discrete in nature. Many urban areas have locations called “love hotels” which are prime real estate for extramarital affairs. Hotels can be paid for by the hour, making it easy and convenient for adulterers to slip in and out undetected. According to Motherboard, there is an estimated 30,000 of these hotels nation-wide. There is also a large number of “host clubs”, specifically geared toward the fantasies of lonely women, offering all kinds of services for the right price.

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