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Do you have trouble finding missing people in Japan?

You may need to locate someone in Japan for debt collection, asset division, service of process, nailing a deadbeat husband, missing family issues, etc.

First of all, you cannot easily find people in Japan.
The reasons are as follows:

  • There is a strict privacy policy in Japan.
  • The Japanese government does not have sufficient legal aid to support civil cases.

When looking for foreigners living in Japan, the level of difficulty becomes even higher.
The reason is that there is no integrated citizen documentation system for foreigners.

Therefore, it is more complicated to conduct a location search for foreigners living in Japan than for Japanese nationals.

What You Can Do For Yourself

Here are some things you can do:

If the subject is a high profile person online, you can find them on social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. With that information, you can find their approximate address and workplace.

However, in Japan, there are no convenient databases such as LexisNexis, TLO, and other data brokers that sell personal addresses or telephone numbers.

Database companies that sell personal information cannot legally operate because of Japan’s strict privacy protection policy.

The only exception is the phone book and company and real estate registers. In Japan, these are public records accessible to the general public.

You can search for people in the phonebook. However, in Japan, less than 5% of the population is listed in the telephone directory.
Unless you are very lucky, you can’t find people in the phonebook.

If the target person is a representative of a Japanese corporation, you can find his/her home address in the company registry. The Japanese company register is semi-public information. You can visit your local legal bureau to get a record. Also, you can sign up for the online register database, pay the fee, and get the company register.

There Is No Choice But To Hire a PI.

Except for the above, if you want to succeed in finding people in Japan, you have to hire a PI agency like us.

We can succeed in locating missing people in various ways:

  • Open-source research
  • Deep web (business membership database) research
  • Secret information source inquiry
  • Third-party disclosure requests
  • Pretesting

We can locate someone from the following clues.

  • Name + Date of Birth + Area -> Address
  • Name + Area -> Address
  • Name + Date of Birth -> Address
  • Name + Previous Address -> New Address
  • Name + Work Place -> Current Address
  • Name + Phone Number -> Address
  • License Plate -> Name + Address
  • Bank Account -> Name + Address
  • Photo + Frequently Visited Place -> Address
  • Email Address -> Location Information
  • SNS Account Such as LINE -> Location Information

If you need a skip tracing service, please contact Japan PI.

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