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Digital Forensics

The principal policy of Japan PI is result-oriented services. We will adopt any investigation methods that are effective, depending on the specific situation the client needs to solve.

In this digital era, there are numerous cases where digital investigations are much more efficient than conventional physical examinations, such as surveillance and interviews. We explain some of the situations where digital forensics play a significant role in fact-finding procedures.

The digital forensics team specializes in the preservation and recovery of data from PCs and mobile devices, which will include text messages, call logs, GPS location logs, emails, photos, and social media posts, etc. The forensics team also specializes in unlocking the passwords of online accounts, such as Facebook, Gmail, iCloud, Whatsapp, Line, and more. The forensics reports are legally admissible in court or at a deposition.

Workplace Investigations

The digital forensics team can assist you in gathering evidence of employee embezzlement, fraudulent activities, power harassment, or bullying in the workplace. The forensics team will retain and recover an employee’s PCs or cell phones.

If the fraudulent activities of the employee are ongoing, the forensics team can install spy apps on the PCs or cell phones of the employee or set up hidden surveillance cameras to prove the unlawful activities of the employee.

Recovery of Data From The Deceased

Digital forensics can recover digital data from PCs or mobile devices,and unlock the online financial accounts of a deceased person. It can also help in investigating the cause of death.

The legal team can also request log-in credentials from any servers, online banks and financial accounts, social media, and tech companies that retain data of a deceased person.

Digital forensics can provide valuable insight into activities that can be used to reveal the cause of death: suicide, homicide, accidental death, etc.

Missing Persons

The digital forensic team will conduct IP address analysis to uncover the last recorded interactions in emails, social media, or other online accounts of the missing person. Through this analysis, the forensic team can establish complete preservation of online activities of the disappeared person to facilitate strong clues to find them.

Online Defamation

The digital forensic team and the legal team can assist in reputation management. This service includes locating the perpetrator of the defamation by tracing the IP address of the emails or online posts or obtaining the sender information from the servers and tech companies.

Infidelity Investigation

The digital forensic team can restore digital data from old PCs or mobile devices. This includes photos, communication records of calls, texts, emails, and social accounts (Line, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.), and GPS logs. The team can also unlock the passwords of PCs or cellphones.
Another service includes the installation of spy apps on PCs or cellphones if the devices are physically accessible. Jailbreak of iPhones or rooting Android handsets is also available. This is mostly required to install spy apps.

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