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Finding Missing Person

We happened to encounter a fleeing two fugitives in car who attempted to kill policemen in Shinjuku.

We shadowed two fugitives, a male in his 30’s and a young female in her 20’s after they abandoned their car and tried to flee on foot.

There were bunch of police cars around there but none of them could saw the fugitives parked their car in the narrow street.

We watched them catching a taxi which happens to come from their behind. A report with taxi information from us helped police to arrest the fugitives instantly. Attempted murder fugitives 140223-172332 140223-172333 Images of the fusitives Fugitives caught a taxi 140223-172422

Policeman fires at fleeing suspect in car A police officer shot at the driver of a car after he pulled away before being questioned in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward. According to police, at around 5 p.m. Sunday, a police patrol pulled over a car occupied by a male driver in his 30s and a woman passenger in Okubo. Fuji TV reported that as the officers walked up to the car, the driver suddenly pulled away, hitting other vehicles in an attempt to escape. One of the officers fired his gun at the car, wounding the driver. An eyewitness who was at the scene told reporters, “I saw four cars stopped on the road and then suddenly I heard, ‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’ and I could see one car ramming others.” Police said the two suspects got away, then abandoned their car and got into a taxi. Howver, police took them into custody shortly afterward. The woman, who is in her 20s, has been charged with possession of narcotics, police said. The driver will be charged with attempted murder and resisting arrest after he recovers from his wounds, police said. Fuji reported that the second policeman involved in the incident sustained injuries as the suspect backed his car into him, pinning him between the vehicle and a telephone pole. Japan Today

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