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Restrictive privacy laws

First of all, due to restrictive privacy laws, background check in Japan is much more difficult than other English speaking countiries.

Education verification:
Mostly possible for those of 35 years old and older.
A particular letter of attorney is required for complete verification.

Employment verification:
Possible but, obtaining a letter of attorney from the candidate is preferable.

It is a public record. But the problem is the records only include name in Japanese character and address when they went bankrupt. No ID number nor date of birth is included. Therefore, it is often the case where we can’t distinguish the real subject and the same name person.

Civil litigation records:
Basically not available except supreme court judgements.
May be able to unearth via media records checks.
We can verify the record if client can provide approximate date of litigation and the place of district court.

Criminal records:
Not available. It is strictly confidential. Even the person himself/herself is not entitled to obtain it except from immigration or overseas employment purpose.
May be able to unearth it through media search based method.

Our fee is somewhere between USD300 and USD1,000.00 per individual.

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