Civil asset recovery in Japan

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Civil asset recovery in Japan

Unfortunately、Japan does not have any laws regarding pre-litigation private investigation, nor does have broad discovery procedures. Therefor, it is currently almost impossible to realize a civil asset recovery as a legal system.

No name search on publicly available records

Real estate, corporate records and civil and criminal case records are publicly available, but in fact, they are not searchable from the name of subject’s parties on those databases. Therefore, those publicly available databases do not make any sense in terms of directorship search, asset search or injunctions/pre-trial attachment.



Asset Recovery 2015 In 26 jurisdictions worldwide (Japan)



What are the key pieces of legislation in your jurisdiction to consider in a private investigation?

Japan does not have laws specifically relating to pre-litigation private investigation.

Some information is publicly available, including from law enforcement agencies (see questions 7 and 8).

A party may also hire a private investigator, who is subject to registration and regulation under the Private Investigator Business Act. Some private investigations, such as collecting personal information, may be subject to the Personal Information Protection Act prohibiting civil entities from disclosing personal information without that person’s prior consent. More information could be available through litigation, but Japan does not have broad discovery procedures such as in the United States.

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