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We got a case from an American ex patriot single mother who needs to find out the employment of the father of her son who is a Japanse engineer and doesn’t pay the child support after he designed the previous employment this year. Both of them are living in Tokyo.

He has been an engineer working for foreign based automobile industry. We have done employment investigations twice in the past.

He changes his job every two years or so. A while ago, he resigned his previous employment where his salary was garnished for the child support.

Nowadays we are not able to get access to employment database which is controlled by the Japanese government. No matter what reason, they will not disclose the information.

Until couple of years ago, we had some information sources where we could retrieve employment information just for a couple of hundred dollars. But all the sources were cracked down by the police after the incident of gang members having assigned a PI to get names of family of the police investigators and the stalker murder case where the culprit stabbed his ex girl friend to death after getting the address from an assigned PI.

So we have no choice but to follow him from his apartment to find his his current employment.  In one morning in June, we did a surveillance on him from 6:30 a.m. He left his apartment at 8:45 AM and we followed him to the development center of Nissan corporation in the middle of mountain in Kanagawa Prefecture which is about 2 hurs away from his luxurious apartment in the central part of Tokyo. He had an ID pass at the gate of the entrance of the building. Look at the photo below.

Deadbeat father

We reprted that he works for Nissan Corporation but there is a chance that he is dispatched by other company.

After the attorney of my client send a notification of garnishment of his salary to Nissan cooperation, it turned out that it was not his employment.

HR department of Nissan was just telling there was no such person working for them. Well, he was just dispatched from other company.

So we sucked in a deadlock because they are not willing to cooperate with the us in finding his real employment.

However, the client made it by attacking the CEO of Nissan for herself.

The secretary of CEO gave a call right after the attack and disclosed the real employee of the DEAD BEAT DAD.

The details of the communication with the CEO is described in the following quote.

Dear Goro,

I just wanted to say thanks one more time and tell you where I have gotten with your work.

As you know he is not employed by Nissan but we knew from your photos he does indeed work inside the building of Nissan.

Hitting a roadblock with the Human Resources department my girlfriend in the US made a suggestion to write to the CEO of Nissan.

Yes, indeed I found the CEO on Facebook and wrote a title do you hide “DEAD BEAT DADS” and went on to explain of how we knew he worked in the building, that he had a pass to enter the building and about my son and left him my lawyer’s name and number to call.

What happened my lawyer’s shock got a phone call from his personal secretary and was told the H.R department did not have the info on the passes only the top brass did.

The secretary went on to say please submit another Court order requesting another search and they would see what they could do.

Finally. the legal department got out the info and let us know which company he is working for in Nissan.

The whole reason for my writing to you is should you come across another situation like mine you could make a suggestion to your client to reach out to the CEO.

I must add it is my belief if the CEO is Japanese I do not believe the results will be a positive one, however, if the CEO like Nissan is a foreigner there is a great chance.

It is my hope this e-mail will be of help to you and your present and future clients.

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