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Discount Pass

  • Purchasing a prepaid discount pass gives you a bulk investigation discount, if you are planning to assign a long time/term surveillance case or a bulk research case.
  • Discount pass is valid for 60 days after purchase and you are able to pay any type of investigations with these passes.

Cancellation policy of discount pass

Fifty percent of amount paid is refundable. For instance, if you’d like to cancel 3,000 pass when just USD1,000 is used, refundable amount is USD1,350 (USD2,700 x’s 50%).

Also, twenty percent of penalty charge will be deducted from the refundable amount.

Refund amount
left amount (more than 50 % of the amount paid)

penalty charge (left amount x’s 20 %)

Left amount USD1,350
Penalty charge
Left amount x’s 20%
Refund amount USD1,080

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