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Database of anti-social organizations

Screening Database

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There is no comprehensive database of anti-social members available in
Japan to the best of my knowledge. And so far,we don’ have any
cooperators inside the police who can get access to the police
database of anti-social organizations. Therefor, best way to check if
they are related to the anti-social syndicates is a site-visit, a
legwork and a reputation check on the subject.

Japanese police has a complete database of members of anti-social
organizations. But it is strictly confidential now.
They screen the database when you became/obtain:
A president of a company.
A professional license, such as lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc.
A registration of PIs, political candidate, etc.
Other than those above purposes, they do not share the database. They
also are strictly monitoring who gets access to the database so that
no corrupted police officers divulge the information on the database.
Before 2005 when the notorious personal information protection act set
in force, police officers were voluntarily approaching PIs to sell the
information. But now the situation has completely changed.

We have 22 designated anti-social organizations in Japan. All the
anti-social members are listed to the police database. However, those
who are in the lists were ex-cons or high-rank members. And they use
legitimate companies (front companies/舎弟企業) as their cover of illegal
businesses. Time to time, retired Yakuza members or someone sell
their inside lists of front companies to the data brokers and we are
buying those lists. But they are far from perfect. Front companies are
always changing their business names and officers. So the lists get
obsolete so quickly. We check those lists, but it is no more than an
ease of mind.

Several years ago, FBI asked Japanese police to share the database of
anti-social organizations with regard to the money laundering
incidents of Japanese Yakuza in Las Vegas. However, according to the
US non-fiction writer, Japanese police turned down the offer from FBI.


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