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Registered mail

Residence verification


The client lost contact with her friend Joan Doe and the last contact was by e-mail on xx August 20xx. She lives at 1-1-1 Chiyoda, Chiuoda-ku, Tokyo. Her date of birth is xx Feb 19xx. Nationality is Canadian. The client wants to ensure that she is OK and wants to communicate to her that he wants to hear from her.


Why don’t we send a registered mail to the address? That way, we can tell if the person still receives the mail at the address. If they do, they are OK. If they’ve moved out, the mail will go back to us. If they registered a mail forwarding address at their new address, we will know that they have moved out. Our fee is USD120.00 for this. If we do a site visit investigation, our fee is USD250.00 in the case of Tokyo.

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