How much is locating someone in Japan?

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How much is locating someone in Japan?

It is a frequently asked question, but it is very difficult to answer because it depends on your situation.

Basically, Japan is a country of strict privacy laws. There are no public records which are searchable only from a name. So it is very difficult to even to judge if it is possible to find the person.

Typical obstacles in finding someone in Japan are:

  • Strict privacy laws
  • Obsolete citizen documenting system
  • No name in Japanese language
  • No physical address within 5 yrs old

In most of the modern countries, citizen documentation databases are open to the public or accessible to investigative or legal professionals.

However, here in Japan, nothing is publicly available.

Only the legal method to trace someone’s address is tracing a new address form an old address via civil registration records. But this civil registration records work well only for an old address withing five years old. The registrar automatically delete old records every five years.

everything is confidential including utility bill records, voter’s records, telephone company records, social insurance records, tax records, etc. And they won’t be disclosed no matter significant reasons you have.

Our own proprietary databases

Under such situations, we are still trying very hard to satisfy the demands of reunion cases.

We have completed our own proprietary databases which cover about 50,000,000 people, about 40% of entire Japanese population.

If you are lucky, you will find your old friend or relative on this database searches.

Total fee: USD300.00
No hit fee USD150.00 plus successful rate USD150.00.
TAT is 2,3 business days.

Strict privacy laws

Due to strict privacy laws, personal address information is strictly confidential in Japan. So there is no instant database that let’s you do an comprehensive name search in Japan. We have to locate anyone without relying on any instant databases or publicly available records (there are no public records here in Japan except for corporate registry and real estate registry records.)

Thus, in order to give a quote, we need to know what kind of information you have on the subject. We analyze the information and calculate the estimated total quantity of work.

Japanese name in Alphabet

Besides, clients outside Japan are often not able to provide the name in Japanese character, which is almost equal to a Western name without spelling. It could produce more than 20 combination s of Japanese character for the name.

As such, there is no fixed quote for locating someone.

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