Administrative scrivener arrested for data leak to PIs

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In Japan eight professional occupations such as lawyers, judicial scriveners, notary public, etc. are granted to procure residential (Juminhyo) records and family (Koseki) records as their duty claim. No third parties except above eight occupations or the related person (such as a creditor, or legal hair, etc) are allowed to obtain the records.

Former lawyers, arrested for fraudulent procurement of family registration (Koseki) records (November 14, 2011)

Aichi prefectural police arrested five people including a former lawyer, and a solicitor in Tokyo, etc. for forgery of sealed private documents and breach of the family registration act with regard to the fraudulent procurement of police officials in charge of the investigation of Kodokai mafia group or the Japanese second biggest crime syndicate.

Those who arrested were Kenji Nasu (51), representative of “Prime General Legal Office” (Nakano-ku, Tokyo), Toyoji Hasegawa (48), a former lawyer (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo ), Takashi Sato (50), a judicial scrivener (Nerima-ku, Tokyo), Sadakazu Kurino (62), a representative of PI agency “Galu Agency Tomei Yokohama” Aoba-ku, Yokohama and the other one.

They, allegedly obtained residential (Juminhyo) records and family (Koseki) records of seven people including the police officials, other police officers and their family between March and July, 2010. The judicial scrivener was undertaking fraudulent procurements form the private detective agency. The legal office forged 20,000 copies of application form for residential/family records designated by the association of judicial scriveners and has got involved in about 10,000 fraudulent procurements since November, 2008.

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