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In November 2011, five people including a PI along with lawyers got

arrested for obtaining residential/Family records without the purpose
of litigation. This happened because they worked for the Japanese
biggest anti-social syndicate and were asked to search the household
of the police investigators who are in charge of the syndicate.

In 2004, there was a huge political scandal with regards to the respective number of politicians failing to make mandatory social pension payments even though they are on the side of collecting it. During that heat up, a lot of politicians were exposed to their social pension payment records by mostly magazine journalists who probably used a rat inside social insurance offices. Even then-Prime minister was exposed to the record and was accused of his partial default of due payments. The prime minister survived the accusation but some of them were kicked out of the political stage.

In 2000, then JP’s PM got involved in prostitution scandal because when he was young, he was allegedly arrested for
visiting an illegal brothel. Rumor has it someone working for the police to disclose the criminal record of the PM. And soon after that bunch of ex-policemen who managed PI agency got arrested for bribing
incumbent police officers and obtained criminal records.

In 2005 the Personal Information Protection Act was enforced. Some believes above two incidents affected the enforcement of this act.

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