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How to Detect Anti-Social Forces in Japan

“What Is Anti-Social Force?” The term ‘anti-social forces’ (反社会的勢力) is officially used by the Japanese government. It refers to the organized crime groups (Japanese Mafia = Boryokudan/yakuza) and their members, corporate racketeers, and groups that have the potential for violence or social unrest. It sometimes includes serial fraudsters, as well. ‘Anti-social forces’ is the euphemistic term for ‘organized crime syndicates.’ However, it is not clear why officials use this euphemistic term to refer to crime syndicates. Prrominent Yakuza Bosses Are Heros Believe it or not, the powerful yakuza chiefs (Japanese Mafia bosses) are heroes to delinquent boys and those who feel rebellious toward traditional society. You can search for the names and addresses of the significant yakuza organizations on YAKUZA …

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Six Things You Should Know About Japanese Company Registry

1, No Listings Of Shareholders Although the total number of issued shares, etc., are stated, the name of the shareholder is not listed. The company’s articles of incorporation contain the name, address, and the number of shares held by shareholders (founders). 2, The Articles Of Incorporation are Substantially Unavailable Only stakeholders (shareholders and creditors) can view the articles of incorporation. Moreover, after five years have passed since the establishment of the company, the Legal Affairs Bureau will destroy the company’s articles of incorporation. Therefore, you cannot practically know the company’s shareholder information from government data. 3, No Identity Details of Executives Although the address of the representative is stated, only the name of the officer is listed. Therefore, we do …

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Company Registry

Open Source Intelligence Framework In Japan

This is the list of all the conceivable sites and methods for the open source intelligence in Japan. Most of the sites are membership-based services. In general, the Japanese government has an opaque practice regarding information disclosure. National Gazette 官報Bankruptcy, Naturalization, National License Holders, etc. 破産、帰化、国家資格合格者等 Registry Records 登記簿提供サービス Supreme Court Records 最高裁判例Courts in Japan 裁判所 Company Number Search 法人番号検検索National Tax Bureau 国税庁 National Tax Office 国税庁法人番号検索 Legal Bureau 登記簿提供サービス Registry Library 登記簿図書館 G Search Gサーチ@NiftyPaper/Magazin Article Search 新聞雑誌横断検索 National Gazette 官報検索サービスFinancial Statement, Bankruptcy, etc. 決算公告、破産記録等 TSR VAN2 東京商工データBusiness Interests 役員検索 EIght エイトName Car Management 名刺管理 Person Information Cross Search 人物横断検索(G Search) LinkedIn Piple Facebook Twitter FSA Japan 金融庁 Construction/Real Estate Licenses 建設業・宅建業(国土交通省) Staffing Service Potral Site 人材サービス綜合サイト ISMS 日本情報経済社会推進協会ISO Certificate Registry Database 登記簿提供サービスLocal …

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Deep Web Japan

How to Conduct Death Verification in Japan

Believe it or not, but the fact of death is still considered to be sensitive information in Japan. It is not easy to obtain someone’s records of death. Obituaries are only for celebrities or high-profile individuals. You will never find an obituary of ordinary people in papers. Below is the checklist for the death verification investigation for insurance companies in Japan. Sources Certificate Requirements Mail Order FYI Family         Neighbors         Hospital Medical Certificate of Death Documents submitted to the insurance company No Could take 2 weeks Medical Coroner’s Office Autopsy Report Documents submitted to the insurance company No When died outside hospital Cremation Hall Certificate of Permission of Cremation No specific rule Yes …

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Medical Records

How To Request A Background Check In Japan

3 things you should keep in mind There are a couple of major issues. Western clients will often face in the background investigation in Japan. You must be aware of these before requesting background investigation in Japan. Due to the bellow mentioned issues, background investigations in Japan are more challenging and cost consuming than most other countries. Provide subject’s name in the Japanese character Often the case, overseas clients can not provide subject’s name in the Japanese character. This is a huge disadvantage regarding the background investigation. Japanese name in the Alphabet typically produces around 20 combinations of the Japanese characters. In some cases, we can’t tell which is which in the results of searches unless we know the correct …

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How to request background investigation in Japan

The Pecuriality of Japanese Credit Bureau

We have three domestic credit reporting agencies in Japan. They are not the government credit bureau, but the subsidiaries of multiple financial institutions. The data of credit reports must be used solely for financial lending purposes by the Banking Act. It can’t be used for the general due diligence for consumers. Financial institutions are sharing these databases by joining the membership of the credit reporting agencies. Therefore, the industries of employment screenings and tenant screenings are excluded from the credit reports. Juminhyo database, or the citizen documentation database in Japan, is strictly confidential in Japan. The database is controlled only inside the government. and it will never be shared with a third party and no private companies can make use …

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Credit Score

Real Estate Property Investigation

Due Diligence on Real Estate Properties At Japan PI, we support real estate investors to Japanese properties with various kinds of investigative demands. Prices of Japanese real estate properties remain to the lowest level for the past 25 years. Along with the gentle practice of Japanese tenants, Japanese real estate properties are known to be the trajectories of steady yielding investments. However, real estate dealing prices are shared only with real estate agencies through REINS (Real Estate Information Network System) which is not open to the public. As such, the Japanese market has a little issue regarding transparency. Therefore, that’s where we can assist as a PI agency for your due diligence needs such as research on the value of …

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House Investment

Poor Credit Reporting Practices in Japan Blur the Lines of Truth for PIs

Unfortunately, in Japan, credit reporting agencies operate under poor business practices. The company law disclosure requirements make it difficult for private investigation agencies to receive accurate, high-quality information.In this post, we will discuss: What Are THe Credit Reporting Agencies? There are two types of credit reporting agencies; those that report on either individuals or businesses. Usually, the information is acquired through credit card companies, credit unions, and banks. The purpose of collecting this information is for businesses to establish a good line of credit to increase their chances of receiving a loan. How Do Credit Reporting Agencies Collect Information? How do those collection methods work in Japan? There are 12 common ways a business credit reporting agency collects information from …

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Credit Reporting Agency
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