What if surveillance doesn’t work well?

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We are always keeping in mind that the most important goal is discretion in the matter of surveillance. Surveillance requires numerous tactics which we have mastered with experience. Our associates are hand-picked to match the best-suited investigator with the proper surveillance. We always pay attention to the nature of the case and the venues the subject is likely to visit and adjust our attires so that we blend in the atmosphere. Plus we are always ready to disguise with cap, hat, glasses and changing clothes. As it were one investigator can play 5 peoples role in the course of surveillance.

However, sometimes due to the confrontational attitudes from the client, subject being so careful from the beginning, our cover could be blown. In that situation, we stop surveillance before the subject completely convinces our investigation.

We would rather give up the surveillance for a day rather than be discovered. We back this up by only charging our clients for time spent and not for half or the entire day as other firms do.

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