Okinawa PI – Investigation on Inbound Overseas Traveler or US Military Base Related Cases

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One of the areas where bilingual detectives often work is Okinawa.

Common overseas surveys include:

  • Behavior survey of foreigners coming to Japan and foreigners living in Japan
  • Background check of Japan to be hired or credit check of the company
  • People Search for inheritance or family trees

Especially when looking for people, I often look for the children and relatives of American men and Japanese women in Okinawa. American men are not only American soldiers, but also teachers, some are engaged in the food and beverage industry.

Since Okinawa is famous as a tourist destination, it is often the scene of an affair trip for Japanese PIs. But for bilingual PIs, you need to be familiar with the geography of the US military base and its surroundings.

Basic Geography

In most cases, Naha Airport is used. Transportation to Naha City is by monorail. However, it doesn’t cover the city, so you need to rent a car.

There is Kokusai Street from the prefectural office to Makishi, and there are many restaurants, souvenirs, accommodations, and shared car stations on that street. Commercial business travelers often stay around Kokusai Street.

The sex district is in Tsuji. Sometimes the target is guided by entertainment, so the cheating detective should know the location.

Geography Related to US Military Bases

From Naha City to Okinawa City, there are Futenma Air Base and Kadena Air Base. National highways are laid, and many industries are thriving. We often investigate around here. There tend to be many surveys mainly in Koza, Yomitan Village, Uruma, and Chatan.

In the case of an interview investigation, depending on the case, the detective will move north and south on the main island of Okinawa. Okinawans tend to be much friendlier than Honshu people, partly because they interact more with Americans. Since it is easy to get acquainted, there is a high possibility that you can get information by interviewing.

However, in sensitive cases where you have direct contact with a person in a past marriage or romantic relationship, you will be wary of interviewing them in the same way as in the mainland. In such cases, the detective will brace himself for the case.

Tourists from the United States who come to Okinawa often stay at B&Bs around Futenma and Kadena and use the commercial facilities for Americans adjacent to the base. If they are the subject of investigation, the detective needs to hone his sense of geography around here.

Koza (Kamiji, Centre) is a melting pot of multinational races at night, with bustling bars

Mihama American Village (Chatan)

A complex resort facility with a hotel, food and beverage, etc. There are many Japan tourists at the level of beginners in Okinawa.

Cape Hedo

Okinawa is dotted with beach resorts. However, detectives are often engaged in cheating investigations in urban areas.

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