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Alian Registration Card


Japan’s alien registration act will abolish next year. After that, I assume we will be able to check foreign residents easier than now.

Now under the different registration, alien (foreign) residents in Japan are almost invisible without name in Japanese language and address information. You register your name in Japanese language based on what you wanted be called in Japan. Therefore, there should normally be three or four combinations in Japanese language depicting the same name.

Attention foreign nationals living in Japan!
From July 2012 the residence system will change.

Persons who will be subject to the changes


Under the Immigration Control Act, persons who do not fall into one of the categories below will be classed as “”medium to long-term residents”” and be subject to the new residence management system.”

  • (1) Persons granted permission to stay for less than 3 months.
  • (2) Persons granted the status of residence of “Temporary Visitor”.
  • (3) Persons granted the status of residence of “Diplomat” or “Official”.
  • (4) Persons whom the Ministry of Justice recognises as equivalent to the foreign nationals in (1) (2) or (3).
  • (5) Special permanent residents.
  • (6) Persons with no status of residence.

Main changes

・The alien registration system will be abolished and a new residence card will be issued.
・ Persons changing registered information at the City Hall must bring their residence card with them.
・ Persons moving to a new address outside the city must notify the City Hall.
 * A change of address certificate from your previous municipality will be necessary.
・ It will be possible to change an address and obtain a certificate of residence from Branch Offices.
 * Staff speaking a variety of languages are available to help directly at the Citizen’s Affairs Division in the City Hall.
・ It may be necessary to show proof of relationship with the head of household when changing the address.
・ A copy of the certificate of residence will be sufficient to show proof of an address in Japan.
 * For households with both foreign nationals and Japanese nationals, it will be possible to obtain a certificate of residence showing all the members of the household.

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