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Cheating Asian Wife

Infidelity is often a secret fear of many couples. Unfortunately, those fears may sink into reality. According to research conducted by the > Associated Press, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy just last year, in a whopping 41% of marriages, one or both partners admitted to either physical or emotional infidelity. Couple those statistics with frequent business trips or military deployment and the numbers only increase.

Japan is a country that often straddles two worlds; a fiercely conservative society with a naïve, feminine female population and an absurd, often taboo, secret sexual world. Infidelity, as seen on this episode of Asian Boss, is not only common in Japan, but also expected, as many couples see it as a normal part of social life. Some interviewees speculated the infidelity rate was upwards of 70-80%.

This seldom-discussed topic came into the public sphere in 2015 when a pop-idol group with a squeaky clean image called Nogizaka 46 had its first scandal: member Matsumura Sayuri had an affair with a married man. This type of behavior would cause some idols to perform acts of retribution such as shaving their heads on camera or retiring. However, Sayuri delivered nothing more than a seemingly staged tear-filled apology, making it appear this act is no longer considered as severe as it once was.

This type of mentality towards infidelity in Japan can cause controversy with international couples, too. Japanese wives of foreign husbands, unhappy in their marriage, may commit adultery and run back to Japan, taking their kids with them, making it almost impossible for their spouses to locate them. Foreign husbands, with the popularity of Western men overseas, may find the temptation to cheat overwhelming. Discreet locations such as love hotels, pay-by-the-hour facilities designed for sexual deviance, make those acts of adultery even easier.

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