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Tips for International Inheritance Tax

Unnecessary Concern of Japanese heirs   We often see Japanese heirs get concerned about Japan’s inheritance tax when they hear they are entitled to the inheritance from the US.  In fact. no Inheritance tax is imposed in Japan on the inheritance from the US. In Japan, heirs pay inheritance tax. However, in the United States, the deceased person (in fact, the executors of the deceased or the administrators of heritage) pay the tax. In other words, the inheritance tax will be taxed on the property after the expenses, etc., of the heritage management fee, is deducted. Therefore, heirs in Japan will inherit the heritage after the tax payment. There is “the exemption of inheritance tax amount for overseas properties (foreign tax …

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Information Request System of Attorneys in Japan

The Japanese government, basically, does not disclose any personal information. Even with the legally permissible reasons, individuals are not allowed to get any third party disclosures from the government offices or companies. PIs are not licensed and not given any privileges in Japan. However, attorneys are given the information request rights by The Attorney Act (The Attorney Act 23-2). Bellow is the translation of the explanation of the Bar Association regarding this information request system and the legal clauses of the Attorney Act. JFBA Information Request System To whom received inquiries from the Bar Association The system of Information Request of the Bar Association is a system in which the Bar Association investigates and request necessary matters to organizations …

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Apply Hague Convention of Child Abduction

International Child Abduction, Child Custody, and Visitations Since this problem had developed into the diplomatic issue in Japan, the central authority of Japan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) actively support you to solve this problem. Therefore, rather than requesting a private investigation, you should first hire a Hague lawyer and file a petition for Hague Convention. We will explain the flow of specific procedures. Terminology:LBP = Left Behind ParentTP = Taking ParentHague Convention: Hague Convention of Child Abduction Case AA Japanese wife abducted children from a local country to Japan without consent. In international child abduction cases, an LBP can apply the petition of return of children to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs based on the Hague Convention.The Hague Convention (Convention …

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Child Abduction
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