Thanks messages from formaer clients

Dear Mr. Koyama:

Please check this website for people overseas who are looking for someone in Japan. You might find potential clients. I will highly recommend your services!


I Know How to Find People in Japan

Please check the following contact details for a Japanese private investigator. I HIGHLY recommend him. It cost me US$500 and he found the address of a long-lost friend for me in less than 24 hours. He claims 95% accuracy (except for fugitives and those attemting to avoid detection) plus a refund if he is unable to locate the person. You might need the name in Japanese characters in some cases.

QiQ Research, Inc.
2-6-20-504!!Kitashinjuku Shinjuku Tokyo 1690074 Japan
Phone. 03-3362-3939(+81-3-3362-3939)!!03-3362-3919
1-877-527-2674(Toll free USA)
Cell Phone. 050-3797-3129(+81-50-3797-3129)
FAX 03-3227-1088(+81-3-3227-1088)
E-mail job@919049.com
URL https://www.japanpi.com

by David 2010/4/18

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