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Common Issues of Investments

Whether contemplating an acquisition, buying into a startup or joint venture or negotiating a real-estate deal, your investments are your time, your money and your future.

So how can you know if the people you are diving into a business venture with are who they say they are? Expanding that vein of thinking into international territory can pose some serious issues. Countries like Japan’s different rules and regulations, social and business customs, and varying expectations can give one different perspective on what’s the bottom line.

Investment Investigations in Japan

Some primary mitigating factors make investment investigations in Japan different from Western countries.

These include the following:


Litigation records are not open to the public because, based on Japan’s continental law system, it is not required to refer to precedent cases when investigating a prospective investor.

Privacy Laws

Due to Japan’s stringent privacy laws, the majority of government records are confidential. Even criminal records, which are one of the most vital pieces of information when conducting a background check, are strictly confidential in Japan.

Social Media

Common social media outlets such as Facebook and LinkedIn are not prevalent in Japan, making basic online searches a challenge. The purveyor of online social interaction is called LINE, which requires at least an ID or cell phone number. Refer to this expansive page for a more detailed look into Japan’s social media map.

Shareholder Information

Loose company laws result in shareholder information and name-based searches being unavailable to the public. Therefore, it is not possible to conduct a directorship search in a company registry record database.

日本でのビジネス身辺調査ならJapan PI
Make Informed Business Decisions in Japan

How We Can Help

Japan PI can bridge that gap. We offer a range of services for individuals and corporate clients who want to make investments in the Japanese market. We can provide vital information through the following services:

These include but are not limited to:

  • Discreet source interviews
  • Personal background checks
  • Corporate investigations
  • Due diligence

Why Japan PI is the best company for the job

With many years of experience working with investors like you, we can provide the best, most thorough investigations to ensure your money goes into the right pockets. Contact an agent today.

Our Services for Investors

Find real estate properties, bank account information, and general income.

Business Background

Investigate Company related information, Perform Due Diligence, Background Checks for business.

Child Investigation Services including Location, Recovery and Child Custody.

Personal Background

Personal background checks on marriage, money trouble, fraud, etc.

To Get Started

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