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There has been no shortage of vicious stalker murders. Police warnings against stalker behavior have not been a complete deterrent. A criminal history reference system and a registration system for sex offenders are being considered in Japan because of the high recidivism rate of sex offenders.

Based on the DBS concept used in the UK, Japanese authorities have been considering adopting a sex offenders monitoring system for serial offenders including GPS tracking. Therefore, we will provide a brief overview of how the DBS system functions.

Therefore, we will provide a brief overview of how the DBS system functions.

What is a DBS UK Background Check, and Why Is It Needed?

A DBS UK background check verifies an individual’s criminal records in the United Kingdom. It ensures that potential employees or volunteers are suitable for specific roles, such as those involving children or vulnerable adults. Employers, recruiters, and volunteer organizations can conduct the check to help them make informed decisions about who they hire or accept into their organization. By conducting these checks, employers and organizations can help to protect themselves and their customers from potential risks associated with hiring individuals with criminal records.

What Type of Information Appears in a DBS UK Background Check?

A DBS UK background check is a comprehensive way to ensure a candidate is suitable for the role they are applying for. It provides employers with an overview of the candidate’s criminal record and other relevant information such as financial records, education history, and previous employment. This check is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and can help employers make informed decisions about potential hires.

How to Apply for a DBS UK Background Check

Applying for a DBS UK background check is essential to ensure you can work in the UK. The process can be complicated and time-consuming, but it can be made easier with the proper preparation and understanding of the requirements. This article will discuss what is required to apply for a DBS UK background check and how to go about it.

How to do a check

The applicant fills in an application form and returns it to you along with documents proving their identity. DBS will send a certificate to the applicant.


Costs & Timeframe for Getting a DBS UK Background Check

A DBS UK background check is an important part of the recruitment process for many organizations. It is essential to ensure that you are hiring the right candidate and that they have a clean record. Knowing the costs and timeframe involved in obtaining a DBS UK background check can help you plan effectively for your recruitment process.


Standard £18

Enhanced £38

Enhanced with barred lists £38

Checks are free for volunteers.

Turnaround Time

It usually takes around 14 days, but it can take longer if:

the details given for the check are incorrect

several police forces need to be involved in the check


Sex offenders have an extremely high recidivism rate, and it seems that the only way to prevent sex offenders, especially habitual sex offenders, from working with children is to regulate them so that they do not work as teachers, childcare workers, or babysitters.

In Western countries, there are already regulations that prevent sex offenders from working as teachers, babysitters, and care givers who have contact with children and the elderly.

This is not only a problem in Japan. There are also many foreigners who work in Japanese educational institutions as English teachers. It is possible that some of them are working in Japan to escape the sex offender restrictions in their home countries.

While the protection of individual human rights is important, the protection of children from sexual abuse should be a higher priority in educational institutions.

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