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We are currently recruiting a trainee Investigator at our offices in Tokyo or Osaka.

Our work includes:

  • Surveillance operations around Japan in teams and single man surveillance operations for corporate and matrimonial operations. (Motorcycle license holders are preferable.)
  • Business investigation based on media searches and source interviews – Embezzlement, Policy Violations, Competitive Intelligence, Due Diligence, Corruption Issues (FCPA), Branding and Intellectual Property Protection (IPP).
  • Translation Service – Bilingual Reporting, Translation of Legal Documents, Bilingual Witness Services.

You need to be self-motivated and have a persistent and an inquisitive nature. Our team will give you on the job training while receiving a generous basic salary.

You will need:

  • PC and mobile literate
  • Japan’s driver’s license
  • Be a patient individual and be able to remain observant for long periods of time
  • Good oral and written communication skills of Japanese (and English)

FAQs on Recruitment

I appreciate you are interested in the PI business.

What we are doing is not established in Japan yet. We are still challenging a lot of things.

What is required for our job includes a variety of skillsets: field operations, interviews, undercover operations, open source media searches, English writing, translation, contents writing for marketing purposes, etc. As it were, it is a combination of blue-collar jobs and white-collar jobs.

You are supposed to get on the job training regarding field operations. You will accompany another investigator as the assistant and observe how we handle the cases. Field operations are male dominant jobs basically. But aside from long stakeouts and extensive travelings, there are a lot of situations where female operatives can do a better job than male counterparts.

For telephone interviews and open source media checks, we will sit tother and assign you a small part of the job at our office. After having hands-on experiences, you can work at home or any other places as long as you have a cell phone and an online access.

Your wage starts from JPY1,000 per hour during the training period. But it moves up as much as JPY3,000 per hour according to your ability and skills. We can furnish social insurance and employee’s pension when you are ready to work as a regular employee.

As the nature of our business, we are open 24/7 and take a break when there is no job. There is no fixed system for working conditions yet in our office. It can be flexible according to our mutual discussions.

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