Employee Fraud Surveillance In Japan

Evidence Of Employee Fraud

When you have a potential employee fraud case, our seasoned field investigators will help you to get a solid evidence.

  • Misbehavior of sales employees
  • Embezzlement of sales employees
  • Evidence of breach of non-competition clause for current and former employees.
  • Fraud of disability compensation payment
  • Involvement of anti-social forces
  • Alcoholic or drug problem of employees
Background Check in Japan

Professional Assistance

There are limitations to gather evidences employee’s fraud just from inside the company. There are some time when your organization must hire outside professionals to solve these issues. The sooner you initiate your actions against those fraudulent activities, the better you can limit your damages.

Surveillance Against Fraud

We can work for you to:

  • Trace current address and employment of the ex-employee who breaches the non-competition clause
  • Conduct surveillance to gather evidence of misbehavior of employees
  • Take testimony from co-workers or dealing people
We can offer the most effective investigation plan for you collaborating our legal advisers. As Japan Pi is more focused on business investigation than other agencies, we know the laws and can provide the solid reports that are completely admissible to the court when the case is lead to the litigation.
Night Time Surveillance

Surveillance Fee Estimator

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