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Apply Hague Convention of Child Abduction

International Child Abduction, Child Custody, and Visitations Since this problem had developed into the diplomatic issue in Japan, the central authority of Japan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) actively support you to solve this problem. Therefore, rather than requesting a private investigation, you should first hire a Hague lawyer and file a petition for Hague Convention. We will explain the flow of specific procedures. Terminology:LBP = Left Behind ParentTP = Taking ParentHague Convention: Hague Convention of Child Abduction Case AA Japanese wife abducted children from a local country to Japan without consent. In international child abduction cases, an LBP can apply the petition of return of children to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs based on the Hague Convention.The Hague Convention (Convention …

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Child Abduction

Child Custody Investigation Case Study

Child Custody Investigation Case Study: An American grandmother contacted us to ask for help with a child custody dispute with her son. The client learned her American son was living in an apartment in Tokyo with his second wife and an infant who had been born to his first wife. He had lived in Japan for the previous two years, but he began abusing alcohol and had been unemployed for two years. His second wife, who was way older than him, was the breadwinner, but she was suspected of engaging in an unsavory work such as escort services and exotic dancing at nightclubs. The client didn’t think this was in the best interests of the child and was seeking full …

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Child Custody Investigation

Cheating Spouse – Cultural Aspects in Japan

Infidelity is often a secret fear of many couples. Unfortunately, those fears may sink into reality. According to research conducted by the > Associated Press, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy just last year, in a whopping 41% of marriages, one or both partners admitted to either physical or emotional infidelity. Couple those statistics with frequent business trips or military deployment and the numbers only increase. Japan is a country that often straddles two worlds; a fiercely conservative society with a naïve, feminine female population and an absurd, often taboo, secret sexual world. Infidelity, as seen on this episode of Asian Boss, is not only common in Japan, but also expected, as many couples see it as a normal part …

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Cheating Asian Wife
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